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Iran Gives West A One Month Deadline

From a cheering Agence France-Pressee:

Iran gives West ultimatum to accept uranium swap

by Aresu Eqbali Sat Jan 2

TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran’s foreign minister gave the West a one-month "ultimatum" on Saturday to accept a uranium swap, warning that it will produce its own nuclear fuel for a Tehran reactor if there is no deal.

"The international community has just one month left to decide whether or not it will accept Iran’s conditions," Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki was quoted by state television as saying.

"This is an ultimatum."

Iran, which rejected a December 31 deadline to accept a UN-brokered deal, said on Tuesday it was ready to swap abroad its low-enriched uranium for nuclear fuel, while insisting that the exchange happen in stages.

Tehran had already rejected a proposal by the UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to ship most of its low-enriched uranium to Russia and France for processing into fuel for the research reactor.

But Iran said it was ready for a fuel swap "in several stages," and in late December Mottaki said Iran is open to exchanging uranium on Turkish soil…

On Wednesday, US State Department spokesman Darby Holladay said the West will still focus on "dual-track policy" regarding the Islamic republic.

"Even as we leave the door open to engagement," world powers agree that Iran will pay the consequences if it does not meet its international nuclear obligations, Darby told AFP.

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council — the United States, Russia, China, France, and Britain — plus Germany are "in the process of considering next steps consistent with our dual-track policy," he said.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who rejected the year-end deadline, told AFP in mid-December that Iran was ready to strike a uranium enrichment deal if the United States and the West respect the Islamic Republic and stop making threats.

Mind you, Mr. Obama’s December 31, 2009 deadline that Iran ignored was the final, ‘we really mean it this time,’ mother of all deadlines.

But Iran knows it will never face any real consequences.

Not at the hands of Mr. Obama and the UN.

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, January 2nd, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

10 Responses to “Iran Gives West A One Month Deadline”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    I got it, the ol’ Clevon Little defense!


  2. Petronius says:

    Some things in life are bad
    They can really make you mad
    Other things just make you swear and curse.
    When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
    Don’t grumble, give a whistle
    And this’ll help things turn out for the best . . .

    And . . . always look on the bright side of life . . .
    Always look on the light side of life . . .

    Eric Idle, “Life of Brian”

    Petronius’ Ten Predictions for 2010:

    1. The CIA uncovers evidence of Israeli preparations for imminent attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. Nerobama shares this intelligence with Iran in order to draw Iran to the negotiating table (without preconditions) to find a peaceful solution. As a result, Iranian Revolutionary Guard is on full alert when Israeli bombers strike. The Israeli planes are blown out of the sky by Iran’s Russian-built surface-to-air missiles, thereby ending mankind’s last best hope for survival. Nerobama and the Liberal media blame Israel’s defeat on Bush. Nerobama issues Apology #16 for America’s past support of Israel.

    2. Oil hits $100/bbl. Liberals and the media call for nationalization of Big Oil. CEOs are summoned to be excoriated and humiliated in Congressional hearings, much to the gratification of Bill O’Reilly. Nerobama appoints a new Oil Czar to deal with the oil price crisis.

    3. Gold hits $1500/oz and silver $25/oz. Nerobama and media call for a new Luxury Tax on precious metals, silverware, jewelry, art and antiques, dental crowns, and similar goods favored by rich plutocrats. Nerobama appoints a Redistribution Czar.

    4. The American economy worsens, with unemployment hovering at or above 10 percent level throughout the year (although data will be manipulated to disguise the true depth of unemployment until after the 2010 election). There are intermittent gas lines and food shortages (although the shortages generally go unreported in the press). Late in the year cracks begin to appear in the medical industry as a result of Obamacare. Nerobama and media blame the sour economy on Bush.

    5. Federal tax receipts fall below expectations, allowing Democrats in Congress the opportunity to enact an income tax surcharge and a new Death Tax. Nerobama, Tigellinus-Holder, and the media call for confiscation of assets held by wealthy Americans in foreign bank accounts. A new Death Czar is appointed to oversee the crisis in the Death Tax. Shortfall is blamed on Bush tax cuts.

    6. California and a few other States heavily impacted by mass immigration, unemployment compensation, and Liberal spending programs (e.g., Arizona, Nevada, Kansas, New York, and New Jersey) face bankruptcy in absence of a Federal bailout, sending shock waves through the muni bond market. Other States begin to run out of money for unemployment compensation. All is blamed on Bush, of course. Portfolio of the California Water Czar, David J. Hayes, is enlarged with broad new authority to manage the bankrupt States.

    7. Stock market hit by sharp decline next Summer (sooner if Israel bombs Iran). Nerobama blames Bush.

    8. US dollar continues to decline. After the election, data will be released showing inflation is underway. The Fed raises interest rates (also after the election). Bond prices tumble. Stock market takes another hit at year-end. All is blamed on Bush. Nerobama appoints Stocks & Bonds Czar to manage the crisis in the markets.

    9. Obama-amnesty passes Congress with bipartisan support from John McCain, Lindsey Graham, the two Sisters of Charity, Richard Luger, and one or two other RINOs. Amnesty includes controversial features such as: Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, and in-State tuition benefits for undocumented immigrants; amnesty for nonpayment of past taxes and for filing fraudulent tax returns to obtain “refunds” or stimulus payments; amnesty for gang members such as MS-13 and drug cartels, and for terrorists who renounce jihad; representation by a court appointed attorney in immigration court at taxpayers’ expense; meaningless documentation requirements; and no effective action taken to secure the borders. Public reacts with outrage to amnesty, resulting in fresh Liberal demands for hate speech laws, and stepped-up attacks on conservative talk radio. FCC Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd given sweeping powers to deal with hate speech crisis.

    10. GITMO closes. Trials of KSM, et al. in Manhattan reopen old wounds and hand terrorists another victory. Court finds that terrorists’ constitutional rights were violated by Bush-Cheney, and orders that at least some of the charges be dismissed for lack of evidence. Tigellinus-Holder, Nerobama, and Liberal media are transported with joy. Congress holds public hearings to expose CIA torturers and to lay groundwork for DOJ prosecutions of Bush, Cheney, and their former DOJ attorneys who wrote the torture memos. DOJ orders that convictions of terrorists Hamza Walker Lindh, Zacarias Moussaoui, shoe bomber Richard Reid, the Fort Dix Five, et al., be reopened for further review. Fort Hood Massacre Case is resolved without fanfare when MAJ Malik Hasan accepts a plea bargain based on insanity. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey explains that, “It would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.” During 2010 there will be a minimum of at least two successful terrorist attacks on US soil, and several attacks on US interests overseas. Of course the terrorists and acts of terrorism will not be described as such, but rather as “troubled youth,” “disturbed individuals,” “misguided students,” “man-made disasters,” “isolated incidents,” “uncertain motives,” etc. The security failures will also be blamed on Bush. Danny Fried, GITMO Closure Czar, is given expanded powers to deal with the crisis in civil liberties.

    Hopey-changey is here! Happy New Year to all S&Lers! Cheers!

    And always look on the bright side of life.

    • proreason says:

      Good list Petro, but you missed a couple of points:

      I believe we will find that predictions 2 and 3, will be blamed on Bush and 9 will be blamed on Bush inaction.

  3. mr_bill says:

    Obama: “Uhhh, Let me be clear, Iran’s actions today are uhhh an act of not-niceness. Our deadlines have gone ignored uhhh, leaving me no choice but to have somebody else uhhh place a strongly-worded letter in Iran’s file at the UN, uhhh for which I will later apologize profusely”

    • Tater Salad says:

      Very well spoken. (right on) Seems the liberalites have a very low bar of standards to meet to cast a vote for President. Now it is showing and the polls will verify. Then……the liberals will attack the polls, cry and whine and use the old name calling theme. Typical !

    • misanthropicus says:

      […] place a strongly-worded letter in Iran’s file at the UN, uhhh for which I will later apologize profusely […]
      A small correction here, Mr. Bill – “for which I will later apologize profusely in the name of the American people who, while not yet convinced that they should apologize for the past 2000 years of history, are dumb enough to eat whatever I say -”

      Regards –

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    Or else what?

    You gonna kill some more of your own people?

  5. misanthropicus says:

    Thanks god, Putin is 5000% behind us – luminous mister Obama has seduced him –

  6. canary says:

    That’s no fair. Obama didn’t give Iran a deadline.

  7. sheehanjihad says:

    Iran sees Obama as weak and indecisive….because he is weak and indecisive. They know that they can do anything they want, whenever they want, and there will be nothing more from the US than a strongly worded statement about how our feelings got hurt because Iran was being mean.

    Terrorists respect force. They ignore or use anything else to their tactical advantage. Islamists are waging a war of holy jihad against the West…the West is waging a campaign of timidity and fear against offending them. Who do you think is serious?

    Every last regime or government on the planet is scrambling to be in a position of power or favor to those in power because they see a chance to remove the United States as a viable threat. Obama has undone in less than a year what this country has achieved in the past 200 years.

    And we are letting him and his people do it. Those against the US cannot believe their good fortune. Those who are still Americans cannot believe what is happening. The “crisis” Obama needs for control is next. Everything is going according to plan. And we are in for it.

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