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Iran And Iraq In Standoff Over Oil Wells

Which newspaper wire service do you read?

First, we hear from Reuters:

Iran, Iraq seek diplomatic end to border dispute

By Muhanad Mohammed Sat Dec 19

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Tehran and Baghdad pledged on Saturday to pursue a diplomatic solution to a border dispute over accusations that Iranian troops seized an oil well inside Iraq.

The Iranian flag was flying over the disputed oil well in a remote desert area southeast of Baghdad early on Saturday and an Iranian military tent was pitched nearby.

"We call for calm and for a peaceful solution to this matter, far from any military escalation," Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told Reuters Television in Baghdad.

Iran, which has oil wells nearby, maintains it owns the well in question. Iran’s Arabic-language al Alam state television channel quoted a military statement as saying: "Iran’s army denied that Iranian troops seized an oil well inside Iraq."

Oil prices rose on Friday on reports about the commandeered well at Fakka oilfield in Maysan province, where border disputes test the two countries’ ties more than 20 years after they ended an eight-year war in which an estimated 1 million people died.

Iraq has demanded an immediate withdrawal of about a dozen Iranian troops it says captured the well, but has tempered its demands with assurances that it is not looking for a fight.

The Iraqi government, which held an emergency security meeting on Friday, summoned Iran’s ambassador in Baghdad, Hassan Kazemi-Qomi, to discuss the matter.

An embassy spokesman said the envoy told the Iraqis a joint committee that includes oil and military officials from both countries was responsible for settling such problems.

"We will resolve this issue in a diplomatic fashion," the spokesman said on condition of anonymity.

Baghdad’s careful words may reflect the Iraqi government’s desire to avoid lasting damage to its delicate relationship with Iran, a fellow Shi’ite Muslim majority country and regional power opposed to the U.S. military presence in Iraq…

Or the Associated Press:

Iraqi troops in standoff with Iran

By Lara Jakes, Associated Press Writers Sat Dec 19

BAGHDAD – Iraqi troops massed Saturday near an oil well on the border in a standoff with Iranian forces that seized control of the site in a sudden flare up of tension between the two uneasy neighbors.

The top U.S. diplomat in Iraq said Baghdad’s speedy response to the border incursion showed that Iraq is "not going to be pushed around" by Iran.

The Iraqi troops and border guards were waiting for further orders at a staging ground about a kilometer from oil well No. 4 at the al-Fakkah oil field, said an Interior Ministry official at the site who was not authorized to talk to the media.

The Iranian military, meanwhile, denied they had violated Iraq’s sovereignty since the oil well was part of Iranian territory according to a 1975 border agreement, in a statement carried by the Arabic language Iranian news station al-Alam…

The diplomatic and security standoff began late Thursday, when Iranian forces crossed into Iraq and seized the well that sits just over the border in the southern Maysan province. It was a dramatic display of the occasionally tense relations between the wary neighbors.

The takeover — which included planting an Iranian flag on the well — was met by protests from Baghdad and an emergency meeting of Iraq’s national security council that denounced it as a gross violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

Iraqi officials said the well was clearly in Iraqi territory and demanded that the Iranians leave immediately. High-level diplomatic talks between Iraq and Iran are continuing, said Iraqi deputy foreign minister Labid Abbawi.

"The situation this morning is the same: the Iranians have not withdrawn from the well," Abbawi told The Associated Press. "We are still sticking to our position in demanding an immediate withdrawal of Iranian forces from the oil well."

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Rahmin Mehmanparast accused foreign media of spreading false news to "disrupt good relations" between Tehran and Baghdad

Of course we ourselves are skeptical about there being any real problem.

The Iranians know they can just bide their time until the Russians buy the oil fields and give them whatever they want.

Or, they can just wait for the day, a little later down the road, when the Iranians will control Iraq and all of its oil wells completely – either directly or through puppet surrogates.

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  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Set the sucker on fire. When the burning Iranians stop running and drop dead, move back in. Haul up the Iraqi flag and stand by for Ahmanutsack to bitch and moan.

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