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Iran Launches Women-Only Police Stations

From the AFP:

Iran to launch police stations for women in capital: report

TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran plans to set up police stations run by women officers in the Islamic republic’s capital to deal only with offences committed by women, the Tehran Emrouz newspaper reported on Thursday.

Fariba Shayegan, commander of the capital’s women police academy of Kowsar, was quoted as saying that the authorities plan “probably to set up special police stations for women in Tehran.”

Two such police stations have already been launched in the religious, northeastern, city of Mashad, she said.

Women police officers, who previously had been seen mostly in administrative departments, have been increasingly involved over the past few years in enforcement of observing Islamic rules in the treatment of female criminals.

The most considerable presence of police women has been highlighted in the country’s continuing crackdown on those flouting the Islamic dress code.

Thousands of women have been warned this year, by joint crews of male and female officers, for wearing tight, short coats and skimpy headscarves.

Are there really so many female miscreants on the loose in Iran that they need a separate police force solely dedicated to rounding up women?

Who knew?

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