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Iran Mannequins Have To Wear Hijabs

From Iran’s Press TV:

Iran enforces new dress code for shops

Wed, 23 Sep 2009

Iran has introduced a new Islamic dress code which forbids shopkeepers from displaying female mannequins without a hijab in shop windows, or showing bodily curves.

"Using unusual mannequins exposing body curves and with heads without a hijab [Muslim veils] are now prohibited to be used in the shops," police said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Iranian police have also banned the display of bowties and neckties, and the sale of women’s underwear by men.

The move is part of a campaign against Western cultural influences in the Islamic Republic.

More glad tidings from the famously tolerant religion of peace.

Of course there will be those who claim that this is just ‘window dressing.’ Literally.

But it is much more than that.

Though, as usual, we won’t hear a peep from the so-called feminists in the West.

By the way, the ban against ties — even bow ties — is because to the Islamic mind they represent the hated Christian crucifix.

We kid thee not.

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9 Responses to “Iran Mannequins Have To Wear Hijabs”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    Hey! Where’s the Fairness?! Those look like full hijabs on heads that are half gone. Maybe they’re part of some kind of Iranian Torture Program. The horror…The horror.

  2. Howard Roark says:

    I look at this story and picture of Iran and all I can see is a nation of women who are screaming on the inside. What kind of primitive, life-hating, trolls could conduct a society like this?

    We’ve been beat over the head to think only politically-correct conclusions when considering other cultures, and in that light, one has to admit to hearing cries from the multiculturalists whenever Iranian horror stories reach our shores: “Well, Iran is overwhelmingly young, and their nation tomorrow will not be the one you see today. Plus, there is a wide disconnect between the mullahs and clerical class who actually run Iran vs the overwhelming population”, and so forth.

    It sure is tiring to be constantly told that your conclusions of right and wrong are constantly wrong, like the Left does to us. It is dizzying, because in the rare instances when our 2 different spheres of morality actually overlap, as with the case of our natural revulsion towards Iranian leadership issuing such strict behavioral codes, we are prepared to hear our own fellow American citizens, the Leftists, affirm this aspect of our Conservative principles.

    But it never happens.

    In this case, the Left’s feminazi wing ought to be raising HELL with UN groups, councils, and other organizations in order to pressure Iranian leaders to rescind these anti-woman laws.

    But they aren’t.

    And here we are, all of us the same kind of people who were glued to the screens in 79′ when the Iranian Revolution resulted in the capturing of scores of American embassy workers, and still hold on to the same basic understanding of that culture: it is run by madmen. We don’t need to get into a mind-numbing conversation about the various demographics in the country, ages, gender, ethnicities, etc. We understand all of that. (We know what it’s like to be a marginalized sector of a larger, unfriendly society: we’re Christians.)

    We’re unafraid of articulating our reasoned, principled, criticism of Islamic Fundamentalism in ANY context, much less this latest article above…but the Left is cowering like weak sisters in the face of the real enemy. What gives?

    • Right of the People says:

      “Well, Iran is overwhelmingly young, and their nation tomorrow will not be the one you see today.”

      No the Iran of tomorrow will look more like Persia in the 6th century if these lunatics have their way. From a culture that at one time was revered for its forward thinking and innovation (albeit a thousand years ago) they have regressed back to the Dark Ages.

      I think the mad mullahs would probably ecstatic if they were to have an EMP nuke exploded over their country that wiped out all modern electronics, effectively plunging them back to the stone age where they so want to be.

  3. beautyofreason says:

    The feminists on our little continent are too busy deriding stay-at-home mothers and theoretical constructs of gender to care about the real perpetuation of abuse against women and girls under Islamic law.

    Several weeks ago Naomi Wolf, author of “The Beauty Myth,” wrote an article about the extraordinary “sexuality” behind closed doors in Muslim countries such as Egypt. She forgot to mention that 97% of all girls in Egypt have their external genitalia cut out, thus depriving them of the bundle of nerves responsible for orgasm. An honest mistake, I’m sure… (sarc)

    As for Iran – women who don’t wear headscarves are considered harlots – and compared to candy or uncovered meat for animals. Since men can’t control their own sexual impulses, females everywhere must be covered – lest a street walker becomes lustful at the sight of a bald shop mannequin (satire – but a close parody of how the mullahs think).

    Iran has lots of ridiculous laws in the name of Islam. Last year government officials stole the pet dogs from citizens and threw the pets in unclean facilities – because Mohammad once considered dogs unclean. Iran also used female “morality police” to crack down on other women whose coats ended above the knee, whose hijabs revealed hair or whose jeans were tucked into boots. And of course, the mullahs stole the election from another Islamist candidate and tortured / killed dissenters. Theocracies (really despotism) demand absolute power. If they pretend to do so in the name of “public morality” or “Islam,” they can get away with just about anything.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      What’s with the heads with ‘No Brain’ locker?

      Yeah…..the women must “Moooo-ve over to the barn and keep the cattle warm!

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    How do you punish a mannequin if the hijab should fall off?

    Just askin’

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      Piece of cake Rusty, just grab the first unfortunate woman who happens along and stone her to death as a proxy.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Oh, ok. I thought for a moment they would use some ridiculous archaic law and apply it in a way that would unfairly harm someone.

      Thanks for clearing that up. :-\


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