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Iran Could Have Nukes In Six Months

From Germany’s Stern:

"They can set off a bomb within six months"

It is one of the central questions for Western governments dealing with Iran: How close is the regime to a nuclear bomb? According to stern magazine they have nearly reached their aim. Experts from the Bundesnachrichtendienst, the German Foreign Intelligence Service, claim that Iran will be able to set off an atomic bomb within a few months.

Iran will soon be able to produce atomic bombs and to perform underground nuclear testing, just as North Korea has done, experts in the German Foreign Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst, BND) have told the weekly, Hamburg-based news magazine stern. "If they want to, they will be able to set off a uranium bomb within six months," a BND-expert is quoted in the latest edition of stern magazine to be published on Thursday.

Iran has by now mastered the entire nuclear enrichment technology and also possesses enough centrifuges to produce weapons-grade uranium, reports the BND according to stern. "Nobody would have thought this possible some years ago," an expert said. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria, Iran has installed more than 7000 centrifuges at the nuclear power plant in Natanz. The 4290 of them in operation at the beginning of June had enriched at least 1.3 tons of uranium – enough for one to two nuclear bombs.

As reported by stern, Iran is focussing on building missiles capable of transporting nuclear bombs to targets as far as Europe. According to a senior BND official, these efforts are pursued "with massive intensity". The German Foreign Intelligence Service has "no doubt" that the missile program in Iran is "exclusively" aimed at the production of atomic warheads. However, it is said be another three years before Teheran will be capable of producing suitable ballistic missiles.

Research conducted by stern magazine shows that the necessary missile components are being obtained through a massive network of dummy companies. According to the BND, it is headed by "one of the most wanted men of the world" – the Iranian Said Mohammad Hosseinian. The magazine reports that several German companies are also involved.

And what is Mr. Obama doing about this?

Oh, that’s right, he has been busy reassuring the mullahs who run Iran that he considers their nuclear aspirations ‘legitimate.’

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11 Responses to “Iran Could Have Nukes In Six Months”

  1. bronzeprofessor says:

    HELLOOOOOOO! Is anyone paying attention anymore?

    I believe Obama should have bombed military installations in Iran when the protests in Teheran were escalating. That way the mullahs would have had to send troops to the bombed areas, and the protestors would have had greater leeway to actually overthrow the mullahs and stage a revolution. We could have airlifted them weapons and supplies. But alas, even the conservatives kept saying, “we’re not asking for military intervention, just some rhetorical support from the President.”

    Now this news seems to be getting even less press than the news abuot the protests.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:


    As you can draw the logical conclusion, Iran will most undoubtedly hold the entire middle east as prisoner…not just Israel. But, don’t count out the financial interests where….weird as it may sound….Saudi Arabia could very likely end up bankrolling the Israelis defense fund. This would, oddly enough, play into Obama’s hand very well as he would use it to demonstrate how his speeches brought forth a “new era” in the mid-east with “arab and israeli forces cooperating to rid the region of a bad man…or some such drivel.

    It’s not just Israel that closely watches Iran. In fact, in the interviews with (Saddam)Hussein, the CIA member he most trusted related how it was Iran he most feared, not the US and that’s why he was building up arms.

    You’ll never hear that from the dems though. I’m sure with a little searching though you can find this info on the web.

    If Iran wants to set off a nuke, the answer will be wholesale destruction of that nation. The US will most likely not lift a finger.

    (corrected for content)

    • proreason says:

      Rusty, be careful with you use of “Hussein”. I naturally figured you meant the boy dictator. Took 3 readings to reason out that you were talking about Sadaam.

      I’m not kidding either.

      That’s how far we’ve come in 6 months.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Iran may BE NUKED in five!

  4. TwilightZoned says:

    “Iran has by now mastered the entire nuclear enrichment technology and also possesses enough centrifuges to produce weapons-grade uranium, reports the BND according to stern. “Nobody would have thought this possible some years ago,” an expert said.”

    You’re kidding me, right? How many years have we known this is what was really going on?

    “Obama Says Iran’s Energy Concerns Legitimate”

    So is that code for doing nothing? Or is he just going to wait and do something in the nick of time before the three year ballistic missile time line?

    Excuse me while I run screaming and tearing my hair out.

  5. beautyofreason says:

    Iran is on a hotbed of natural gas. They have enough of it to support Iran and trade for over 1,000 years. So their energy concerns are not, and never were legitimate.

    Obama doesn’t get it. The nuclear power issue is a front for creating the bomb. It’s a legal way to spin those centrifuges while minimizing international concern. It’s a facade to the world, in the same way their rigged elections were a facade to the people of Iran so they could believe that it was a republic, not a dictatorship.

    Under Obama nukes may be certain and dictators have their heyday. And the world will be less safe.

    • proreason says:

      “Obama doesn’t get it.”

      He gets it just fine.

      In his diseased mind, he thinks that a maniacal government getting nukes will even the score and level the playing field with the United States, the only country he and his handlers truly despise.

    • beautyofreason says:

      Good point. There is this strange liberal tendency to put every single country, no matter how despotic, on the same tier – while loathing the United States. Noam Chomsky is probably a good example of this sort of hypocrisy.

      Obama may feel the United States should be humbled and recede into a globalist panacea under international bureaucracies such as the UN. I guess it’s the liberal way of getting back at Bush.

      Like that Newsweek reporter said, Reagan was all about America and Obama believes we are beyond that.

  6. tranquil.night says:

    I have a theory that might be somewhat out there still. It all relates to the Russia/NorK/Iran dichotemy and a quote I saw in that Reuters article that circulated Drudge earlier this week: “‘If we make concessions on strategic nuclear issues the Russians are much more willing to be cooperative when it comes to Iran,’ Samore told experts.”

    Putin really wants us to ditch our missile shield, Obambi really needs a strong ally in getting something going on the Middle East peace process (which has been such a spectacular fail since the Cairo speech that I don’t think you can hyperbolize it) and has expressed willingness to cave on Missile Defense.

    Once again, I don’t think both of the ‘rogue’ regimes need nukes but they still might want them. Iran is the weaker regime internationally because of the protest crackdowns, however Khamenei/Ahmadman can pull a Saddam/Kim and just shut down a few of the big facilities for a year or so and feign progress.

    My sister-in-law’s parents are both back in Israel in the IAF. They say it’s blazing hot outside and people are generally pissed off. Who knows what they’ll do.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Next time anyone visits the middle east, remember to pack some SPF 5,000,000 sun block because Israel is gonna whip out a BIG can of “Whoop Ass” on Iran.

  7. canary says:

    I believe Iran is already nuclear capable. They are now working on a nuclear bomb that Israel missle defense would have difficulty detecting and destroying before hitting. The world powers know this. Why do they act like no would have thought of this years ago, when the world powers have known.

    The only reason I can think Obama is downplaying this, is because he has spent years surrounded with jew-haters, Indonesia, his muslim friends, his church, his Chicago buddies, that want Israel destroyed. He’d be glad to let Iran do it. And say, oh well, we most not meddle. There is no telling what Obama says behind doors with Russia and his VBBF Ahmadman.

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