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Iran Minister Promotes "Temporary Marriages"

From those defenders of the faith at BBC NEWS:

An Iranian couple at a shop in Tehran. An Iranian cabinet minister said young people should be encouraged to get temporarily married, a practice unique to Shiite Islam, to avoid illicit extramarital sex.

Iran talks up temporary marriages

By Frances Harrison

Iran’s Interior Minister, Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, has started promoting temporary marriage as a solution to the country’s social problems.

Shia Islam allows a man and woman to marry for a fixed period of time, ranging from an hour to a century.

A man can also have any number of temporary marriages – or sigheh, as they are known…

Iran’s interior minister, himself a cleric, said marriage was a human need and temporary marriage should not be used just for sex but to solve social problems.

He said there needed to be a cultural change to allow this.

He also said couples should marry at an earlier age.

Iran first started promoting temporary marriage as an alternative to living in sin 15 years ago.

The then President, Hashemi Rafsanjani, said it was a way for men and women to satisfy their sexual needs.

He even said there was no need for a cleric: the couple could read out an oath in private in order to marry…

There are already tens of thousands of children from temporary marriages whose fathers will not acknowledge them and are therefore considered illegitimate…

Meanwhile, a hardline newspaper has complained that a travel agent in Tehran has been advertising holidays by the Caspian Sea for couples who want to have temporary marriages, offering accommodation and a cleric to register the marriage.

Mind you, this is the same country where you can be imprisoned and lashed for plucking your eyebrows or even showing your face.

The same country (and religion) that endlessly brags about how it protects and honors its women.

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