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Iran Now Links Iraq To Its Nuclear Program Talks

From those lovers of diplomacy at BBC NEWS:

Iran links Iraq and nuclear issue

A senior Iranian official has said that direct Iran-US talks about security in Iraq will have an impact on the dispute over Iran’s nuclear programme.

Senior nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani said the talks on Iraq could not be separated from the nuclear issue…

While much of the hardline media in Iran has been playing down the importance of the talks with America, Mr Larijani said the talks were obviously not a tiny event in the region or the world.

“We have said the nuclear issue and the Iraq talks are two different things but in the political world you cannot really separate them,” Mr Larijani said…

Mr Larijani said if the Americans acted prudently they could benefit from Iran’s proposals on Iraq, but if they made a huge noise in the media than nothing would be achieved.

Mr Larijani was speaking at the airport on his way to Spain for talks with the EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, to see if there is any room for fresh negotiations on the nuclear issue.

Mr Larijani ruled out suspension of enrichment – a key demand of the United Nations – as a precondition for negotiations.

He also insisted that suspension of enrichment was not a solution to the nuclear issue…

Ever notice how when the administration follows the advice of the Democrat opposition (and our one party media) the result is disastrous?

What good has “talking with Iran” done?

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