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Iran Now ‘Self-Sufficient’ In Yellow Cake

From Iran’s Press TV:

‘Iran self-sufficient in yellow cake’

December 5, 2010

Ali Akbar Salehi, chief of the country’s nuclear program, has reported that Iran has become self-sufficient in producing yellowcake uranium.

Following is the transcript of the comments made by Salehi after the first batch of yellow cake produced in southern Iran was delivered to a nuclear facility in Esfahan, awaiting further conversion.

“We are witnessing the inauguration of the receipt of the first batch of yellow cake that was produced in Gachin mines in the province of Bandarabas. We are receiving it here in Esfahan because Esfahan is the site where yellow cake is converted to UF6, which is then transferred to Natanz for enrichment.”

“This means that Iran has become self-sufficient in the entire fuel cycle starting from the exploration and then mining, turning it into yellow cake, converting it into UF6 and then enriching it and turning it into fuel plates or fuel pellets.”

If it is true that Iran is mining yellowcake, then as Mr. Salehi notes, they will have complete control over their nuclear production from the beginning of the cycle to its end. (And we know it will end.)

All of this is largely thanks to the Russians. So naturally the important thing for us to do is to ratify the START treaty. Which the Russians are already privately bragging will limit our nuclear defense capabilities, especially our ability to even have a missile shield.

This must be the real reason that Mr. Obama is in such a hurry to get START ratified by the Senate. He is worried that the the Iranians will produce a nuclear weapon or that the North Koreans might nuke Japan before he can sign away our missile defense plans forever.

Salehi said Iran used to buy yellow cake from other sources before the Gachin uranium mine became operational. Another uranium mine in the central Yazd province will soon be launched to produce yellow cake for Iran’s nuclear fuel cycle.

Salehi also said his organization has begun an extensive search for new uranium mines across the country.

Earlier, western media outlets reported that Iran’s yellow cake stock pile is drying up.

This misinformation was probably from an oral report from Mr. Valerie Plame.

The development comes a day before Iran sits at the table for a fresh round of comprehensive talks with the P5+1 group in Geneva.

Yes, let’s have some more talks. By all means!

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4 Responses to “Iran Now ‘Self-Sufficient’ In Yellow Cake”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Again, I wonder if Mr “Ach-I-Need-A-Job” realizes that the technology for nuclear power was developed largely by people of Jewish heritage. Of course, it’s obvious that such things don’t matter when wanting to be a “force to be reckoned with”. What has me shaking my head more frequently these days is that after two complete generations of watching movies, cartoons and reading books about megalomaniac despots who crave world-domination, that we still see these types around. I must therefore conclude that it’s not a unique trait among humans. I see similar behavior all over the place, the difference just being a matter of scale. I see it in the management of the company for which I work, in state and local government, etc. For me, I’ve always found it a pathetic example of humanity. A frailty and failing among ourselves that stinks. Real, true leaders are indeed very rare. A humble one, rarer still. So we are often stuck with a person who looks like they fit the mold or who has coveted the position so they are mere actors. In the case of this president, we got whammied with both. Clean, shiny paintjob on a substrate of rust, with a bunch of stickers on the outside that speak of awesome horsepower, to open the hood and find a single-cylinder anemic powerplant that runs on bird poop. Yeah, like a Toyota Pious.

  2. untrainable says:

    Dateline now. Robert Gibbs speaks to Iranian yellow cake situation.
    “Iran may now be self sufficient in yellow cake, but the US still has the advantage in chocolate cake. And our butter cream frosting superiority is unmatched by anyone anywhere. Any apprehension about Iran is obviously overstated.”

  3. Chinnubie says:

    I love the Chocolate cake crack, that’s great, keep it up, your gonna need it for the next two years. Not to mention, we will too….

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