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Iran Puts ‘Homemade’ Satellite In Orbit

From Iran’s Press TV:

Iran puts sat into orbit for 1st time

Tue, 03 Feb 2009

Iran has placed a domestic research satellite into orbit for the first time, ushering in an era of independence in its space program.

Press TV has received confirmation that the first domestic Iranian satellite has been placed into orbit via two carrier rockets.

Omid (meaning ‘Hope’ in Persian) was sent into space by the Iranian-produced satellite carrier Safir 2 early on Tuesday, Press TV correspondent Saman Kojouri reported from the launching site. Safir 2 is an upgraded model of carrier Safir 1.

Equipped with two frequency bands and eight antennae, Omid will transmit information to and from earth while orbiting the planet 15 times per day.

The lightweight telecommunications satellite is equipped with remote sensing, satellite telemetry and geographic information system technology as well as remote and ground station data processing.

Omid is a research satellite that has been designed for gathering information and testing equipment. After orbiting for one to three months, Omid will return to earth, returning with data that will help Iranian experts send an operational satellite into space.

Omid carries experimental satellite control devices, communications equipment and power supply systems to a distance of 250 to 350 kilometers from the earth’s atmosphere.

The launch of Omid comes amid celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. In a Tuesday message, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad congratulated the nation on the new aerospace achievement.

"Dear people of Iran, your children have sent Iran’s first domestic satellite into orbit… May this be a step toward… justice and peace," he said. "Iran’s official presence in space has been added to the pages of history."

In August 2007, Tehran announced plans to carry out the domestic satellite launch after testing its first domestically-produced satellite carrier Safir 1.

Head of the Iranian Aerospace Organization, Reza Taqipour, told Press TV that Iran has plans to put a series of satellites into orbit by 2010 that will improve national disaster management programs and the country’s telecommunications network.

Omid is the third Iranian-made satellite to be sent into space. Russia launched Iran’s first satellite in 2005. Three years later, another satellite, which had been jointly designed by Iran, China and Thailand, was also sent into orbit. So far, only eight countries have launched domestically-made satellites into orbit.

The recent completion of the semi-domestic research satellite Mesbah is another success added to the accomplishments of Iranian aerospace experts.

Mesbah, which is ready for launch into outer space, has been equipped with a store and forward communications receiver that gathers information from various parts of the planet and then forwards the transmission.

Iranian scientists have also finished designing a satellite called Besharat, which is to be launched in a joint effort with the members of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

Tehran also plans to send its first astronaut to space by 2021.

It is fitting that they named their first successful spy satellite “Hope.”

Maybe they will name their first nuclear tipped ICBM “Change.”

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5 Responses to “Iran Puts ‘Homemade’ Satellite In Orbit”

  1. proreason says:

    Either Allah or Russia gave them the technology (assuming the report is accurate which is probably a long-shot).

    But since everyhing mankind needs was known to and described by Mohammed, one has to wonder if Allah changed his mind.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Isreal should be readying a strike soon………there is nothing like that glow of a desert in winter.

  3. TheChicagoWay says:

    These chickens**ts will not use a readily identifiable missile to launch a nuclear weapon. They will once again take the honorable route and use some retard to deliver the weapon and then deny any responsibility….. The pinnacle of human achievement…….Christ, the retard will probably get the Nobel Peace Prize for getting rid of the big troublemaker in the middle east….Allah Akbar!, or whatever…..

  4. artboyusa says:

    “Mullah to the Moon!” Starring ABU ‘N’ TARIQ, the Angry Muslim Brothers.

    “This harness is most constricting, my brother. I can hardly move”.

    “Of course it is, Abu. You need to be strapped right in when the rocket explodes on the launch pad – I mean, soars gloriously into orbit like a newborn star”.

    “You kind of freak me out when you say stuff like that, Tariq”.

    “A thousand apologies, Abu, for my careless misspeaking. I guess I’m a little nervous, this is such a big event. Imagine, my own brother the first Muslim to be launched to a fiery death in space, I mean to a world-shaking achievement for Muslim science!”

    “I thought we just bought this rocket off the shelf from the Russians or the Chinese or somebody”.

    “It was the French – er, no it wasn’t! Nuh uh! This rocket is all Iranian, 100% Persian made, using state of the art Islamic technology. Honest”.

    “Oh, great. Say, what’s my job title again? I keep forgetting”.

    “Holy space martyr – no, sorry. ‘Islamonaut’ – that’s it”.

    “Islamonaut, huh? That sounds okay, I guess, but couldn’t they have tested the rocket out first? You know, with a monkey or a dog or something?”

    “Abu! You shock me – those beasts are unclean! Would you have the first Muslim space launch defiled by such creatures?”

    “Guess not”.

    “Besides, the Holy Koran teaches us to be compassionate towards animals”.

    “Yeah? Since when?”

    “So many questions! Relax, my brother and think on the triumph that awaits you! You shall be a hero to Muslims everywhere! All of Iran shall sing your praises – from the towering minarets of Isfahan to the sticky pools of Qum!”

    “I only wish I was going to be alive to see it…”

    “Tut tut. Alive is overrated, my brother. Now, let’s just get you into your space turban – there we go – and now we’ll just apply your space gag. Okay – how’s that, Abu?”


    “That’ll muffle the screams nicely. Hey, why are you looking at me like that, my brother?”

  5. 1sttofight says:

    Must be a VERY LOW ORBIT because the film stopped when it was about 1000 feet off the ground.

    BTW, wasn’t their last great rocket achievement proven to have been photoshopped?

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