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Ahmadinejad Rejects Obama Nuke Deal

From a shocked and dismayed Reuters:

Iran’s Ahmadinejad rejects Western nuclear proposal

Mon May 25, 2009

By Parisa Hafezi and Zahra Hosseinian

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday rejected a Western proposal for it to "freeze" its nuclear work in return for no new sanctions and ruled out any talks with major powers on the issue.

The comments by the conservative president, who is seeking a second term in a June 12 election, are likely to further disappoint the U.S. administration of President Barack Obama, which is seeking to engage Iran diplomatically…

Breaking with past U.S. policy of shunning direct talks with Iran, Obama’s administration last month said it would join nuclear discussions with Tehran from now on.

Ahmadinejad proposed a debate with Obama at the United Nations in New York "regarding the roots of world problems" but he made clear Tehran would not bow to pressure on the nuclear issue.

"Our talks (with major powers) will only be in the framework of cooperation for managing global issues and nothing else. We have clearly announced this," Ahmadinejad said.

"The nuclear issue is a finished issue for us," he told a news conference. "From now on we will continue our path in the framework of the (U.N. nuclear watchdog) agency."

[Ahmadinejad] said Iran had no missile or nuclear cooperation with North Korea, after Pyongyang conducted a second and far more powerful nuclear test…

"In principle we oppose the production, expansion and the use of weapons of mass destruction," Ahmadinejad said.

Military experts say Iran’s Shahab-3 missile is based on the North Korean Nodong missile. Tehran says Shahab-3 has a range of 2,000 km (1,200 miles), which defense analysts say would put Israel and U.S. bases in the Gulf within reach…

We too are dismayed.

We held out so much hope for Mr. Obama’s plan of sitting down and have a heart to heart talk.

Why are the Iranians such meanies?

Of course we really have nothing to worry about.

From Iran’s Press TV:

Nukes ‘politically retarded’, says Ahmadinejad

Mon, 25 May 2009

As the West continues to press Iran on its nuclear program, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the country considers developing nuclear weapons as "politically retarded".

In a press conference on Monday, President Ahmadinejad said that he sees the dossier of the country’s nuclear program as a closed case.

"The talks outside the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) will only be about participation in the management of the world and bringing peace to the world," Ahmadinejad said…

President Ahmadinejad reiterated Iranian assertions that the country would never seek weapons of mass destructions — including nuclear weapons.

"We think those who assume restoring nuclear weapons can have the upper hand in political equations are politically retarded," the president said.

Iran says nuclear weapons are "un-Islamic" and "developing, producing or stockpiling nuclear weapons are forbidden under the rule of Islam."

What a relief!

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11 Responses to “Ahmadinejad Rejects Obama Nuke Deal”

  1. proreason says:

    Time for a speech!!

  2. TwilightZoned says:

    Surprise, surprise, surprise. It’s hard to believe O is so naive. On second thought, it’s the narcissism.

  3. MinnesotaRush says:

    “The comments by the conservative president, who is seeking a second term in a June 12 election, are likely to further disappoint the U.S. administration of President Barack Obama”

    Does this mean ol’ Ahmadinejad will get on the DHS terrorist watch list (being the conservative he is, and all)???

  4. TwilightZoned says:

    Iran says nuclear weapons are “un-Islamic” and “developing, producing or stockpiling nuclear weapons are forbidden under the rule of Islam.”

    Uh, huh…right. I suspect Ahmadinejad is like Oblabla in that what he says is in exact opposition to what he does.

    • beautyofreason says:

      Lying is a time-honored tradition of the Islamic regime….in the same way that Hamas lies about their truce offers….which are not peace deals, but designed to provide extra time for the terrorists to arm against the whole of Israel.

      Iran tried to put a deal on the table earlier this year to stop funding sectarian violence in Iraq in exchange for the U.S. ignoring the nuclear issue, despite Iran previously lying about influencing Iraq at all.

      Never expect the truth from Iran. Mr. A recently said he was not responsible for the Facebook shutdown in Iran, because he values “full freedom of expression.” This statement, when in 2006 the Iranian parliament favored the death penalty for people who leave Islam by overwhelming margins, and the government considers applying the death penalty to bloggers…..

  5. canary says:

    Obama continues to bow to Ahmadinejad 1st demand, that Obama must apologize to the world for George W. Bush and America. While Ahmadinejad and his opponents have made it clear talk is out of the question, potus Obama will allow the Iranian Pric for yet another trip NYC inspite of New Yorkers public outcry against it.
    Obama and his film crew won’t be able to resist. The LA times might as well release the vidio of at Obama’s Party and toast; the knocking of glasses of spirits with good family friend Rashid Khalidi Palenstinan Liberation Organization, to include the anti-Israsel, anti-Semitic “poems” that were read.
    Which is no surprise when Obama kept going back to his homeland Jew hating, killing, Indonesia; Bali is where he and wife went for approx. 4 monthes to write during writer’s block. Girls were left behind, as it was too difficult at their young age.

    The Quran is specific in “burning with fire” every town in the world that doesn’t convert. Like those bomb packs don’t burn. On one of Obama’s most recent trips to Bali, he visited the bombed, “burned” to ruins spots, by homie muslims.

  6. EricTheRedVM says:

    Hey Barry, how’s that bringing the world together thing going?

    Remember how we were told that George W. Bush’s foreign policy was alienating our allies, enraging our enemies, and making America less safe? Remember how we were promised that with the wave of his golden tongue, His Majesty Barack Obama would bring the world together and quell all the enemies Bush riled up for eight years?

    Then why do we get stories like these in one weekend?
    North Korea tests nuclear weapon ‘as powerful as Hiroshima bomb’
    British banks revolt against Obama tax plan
    Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze
    Iran sends warships to Gulf of Aden – navy
    And now this A’jad story.

    This is what happens, my Obama-worshiping liberal-Democrat friends, when you threaten your allies and appease your enemies.

    The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary

    • canary says:

      Israel?! Help us. Can we at least have your former prime minister Ehud Olmert who said Ahmadinejad “talks like Hitler” and is “psychopath of the worst kind. God forbid that this man ever gets his hands on nuclear weapons.” echoed by former British prime minister Tony Blair regarding the country of Iran “…but want to wipe out another country…Can you imagine a state like that with an attitude like that having nuclear weapons.”

      Poet Mohammed Obombie needs to pull his head out of his book deals, burn them publically, as an apology for treading on and apologizing for the United States of America. He was elected to represent America, not his voters.

  7. republicguard says:

    Guess “messiah” worship doesn’t apply if you have Allah. As for me, I’ll stick with JC.

  8. electionhangovervictim says:

    Did Obama really think that all he had to do is give Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-il, and Chavez a Coka-Cola, start singing a round of “I’d like to teach the world to sing”, and all at once *poof* everyone would play nice-nice??
    This guy is dumber than I thought.

  9. I’ve linked to your post with the Reuters quotation from Jeremiah Films

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