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Iran: Brit Marines Enjoying So-Called Captivity

From Iran’s Fars News Agency:

British Marines Enjoying So-Called Captivity


TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- While British Prime Minister Tony Blair still makes wrathful statements about the TV interviews of his country’s marines, the latest series of photographs released by FNA display that British troops are enjoying their ideal conditions in Iran.

Today’s photographs show that the British troops are having fruit and coffee, speaking to each other, playing chess and on the whole spending their desirable leisure time in Iran instead of serving missions in the cumbersome conditions of the Persian Gulf.

The 15 detainees, including 8 sailors and 7 British marines, were arrested by Iran’s boarder guards on 23 of March, 2007.

In interviews broadcast by Iran’s state-run TV, 4 of the said troops explicitly acknowledged that they had trespassed on Iran’s waters and apologized to the Iranian nation for their intrusion.

Meantime, the data and information extracted from the Global Positioning System (GPS) of the British troops substantiate their illegal entry into Iranian waters.

Despite allegation by some western media that the marines had made the confessions under duress, photographs, specially those taken today, prove that the British troops have acknowledged to their guilt freely and under an open atmosphere.

In the same interviews, the British marines said that they understand Iranian nation’s anger at the action, and advised London to give up unfounded claims and extend formal apology to Iran instead.

In clear reference to the improper statements of the British Prime Minister, Iranian First Vice-President Parviz Dawoodi Tuesday morning stressed that the issue of the marines would not be solved in the near future if Britain continues making hue and cry.

FARS is almost as unbiased as our own watchdog media.

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