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Iran: John Kerry Backs Our Nuclear Rights

From the joyous staff at Iran’s FARS News:

Kerry signs an autograph for Iran’s former President Seyed Mohammad Khatami.

Kerry Backs Up Iran’s N. Rights

14:36 | 2007-01-28

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency) – Former US presidential nominee John Kerry voiced full support for the Islamic Republic’s right to use civilian nuclear technology on the basis of the rules and regulations of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NTP).

Addressing a world Economic Forum meeting in Davos Switzerland on Saturday, Kerry also strongly rejected West’s demanded prerequisites for the resumption of nuclear talks with Iran.

Kerry, whose remarks followed a speech by Iran’s former President Seyed Mohammad Khatami, stated his support for Khatami’s views, and said Americans find out – only when they are outside their country – that the world is different from what they imagine.

"We should give up pessimism and pick up a realistic view," he said, and further stressed the need for the US to change its policies towards the world countries and issues.

The US politician also approved of Khatami’s views about increased tension and violence in the world, and concluded, "As Mr. Khatami said, violence increased in the region after the occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq and Bin Ladenism."

Earlier in the same meeting, former Iranian President Seyed Mohammad Khatami said that violence and terror have roots outside Iraq, and stressed that anyone willing to help to the settlement of the Middle-East problem should first prove his impartiality.

Noting the undesirable equations formed in the Middle-East, Khatami said, "If we intend to establish security in the world, then we should form an equation which serves democracy, stability and development."

Describing the world’s indifference in the face of the Palestinian crisis as a catastrophe, he asked, "Why should the existence of a nation be ignored and why shouldn’t a legal government like Hamas which has ascended to power through democratic elections be recognized?"

"Respecting people’s votes and views, repatriation of the refugees and restoration of public rights set the only solution to the Middle-East crisis," the former Iranian president added.

He said anyone willing to help to the settlement of the ongoing crisis in the Middle-East should substantiate his impartiality. "And any plan for the region must be based on justice, partnership of all regional and Muslim states and restoration of the Palestinians’ rights."

Referring to Iraq, he said that the present catastrophe in that country is the result of violence and terror which has foreign roots, and stated that the religious conflicts in Iraq are a phenomenon created by foreign elements.

"The United States is still dreaming of conquering Iraq," Khatami said, mentioning that the United States’ attitude and the US administration’s dismissal of the Baker-Hamilton report show that Washington has not yet comprehended the realities dominating Iraq…

Remember that Kerry championed the "nuclear freeze" movement in the United States. Indeed, it was the "nuclear freeze" issue that got him elected to the Senate:


In Kerry’s first Senate speech he introduced a “a bill to provide for a comprehensive bilateral and verifiable freeze between the United States and the Soviet Union on the testing, production, and deployment of nuclear weapons systems.”

However Kerry was unable to get even one co-sponsor and the bill never made it to the Senate floor for a vote.

Of course the only nuclear capabilities Kerry has only ever sought to limit are ours. Certainly not those of a country run by a madman who wants to destroy Western Civilization.

John Kerry has always been a traitor to this country.

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