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Iran: US Will Regret Arresting Its “Diplomats”

From Iran’s “students” news agency ISNA:

Iran FM: U.S. will regret arresting the five Iranian diplomats


TEHRAN, Jun. 12 (ISNA) – Iran’s foreign minister stated that Iran would make the U.S. regret the “illicit” arrest of the five Iranian diplomats in Arbil.

U.S. troops raided Iran’s consulate in northern Iraq in early January and arrested five Iranian diplomats accusing them for fomenting unrest in Iraq.

We will make the U.S. regret its revolting illegal action against our consulate agents,” said Mottaki speaking in a joint press conference with the former President of Mali and current African Union (AU) commissioner, Alpha Oumar Konare.

Mottaki said Iran does not miss an opportunity in talks with Iraqi officials to push for an immediate release of the five kidnapped diplomats.

“We have stressed on this point in talks with Iraqi deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh. Saleh is to meet the families of the kidnapped diplomats in Tehran,” he said.

“We warn the U.S. government officials to release the diplomats as soon as possible,” he added while stating that Iran’s foreign ministry would send another remonstration letter to the UN general secretary within the next two days.

In another part of the conference, referring to the Iran-U.S. talks on the exclusive topic of “Security issues in Iraq”, Mottaki said Iran had made restoration of peace and security to Iraq as its duty.

“Iran’s ultimate policy is to support the Iraqi nation and government for it believes that Iraq’s peace is a portion of regional security,” he said while adding that Iran was keen to recommence the talks based on Iraq’s call, provided that the U.S. was seriously determined to resolve an issue which it was a part of…

In case there was still any doubt as to why Iran has abducted those four American-Iranians (including a Nobel Prize Laureate).

But sure, we should sit down and continue negotiating the future of Iraq with them. And we certainly can trust them when they say their nuclear program is only for peaceful uses.

They are such responsible political leaders. 

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