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Iran Shows Off Its New ‘Mahdi’ Missile

From the UK’s Telegraph:

Iran test fires missile

Iran has test fired a surface-to-surface missile, according to the country’s defence minister.

20 Aug 2010

Ahmad Vahidi’s announcement comes a day before Iran is scheduled to launch its Russian-built first nuclear power plant in the southern port city of Bushehr.

Television images showed the sand coloured Qiam (Rising) blasting into the air from a desert terrain, amid chants of “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest).

The words “Ya Mahdi” were written on the side of the missile, referring to Imam Mahdi, one of the 12 imams of Shiite Islam, who disappeared as a boy and whom the faithful believe will return one day to bring redemption to mankind

Lest we forget, according to the Shite brand of Islam, the Twelfth Imam will return as the Mahdi with "a company of his chosen ones." His enemies will be led by the one-eyed Antichrist and the Sufyani.

The two armies will fight "one final apocalyptic battle" where the Mahdi and his forces will prevail over evil. Which all sounds very promising, unless you are the ones they consider ‘evil.’

On Tuesday, Mr Vahidi had said that Qiam was to be test fired during the annual government week, the period when Tehran touts its achievements in various fields. This year government week begins on Monday.

The third generation Fateh 110 (Conqueror) missile was also to be test fired during this period. Iran has previously paraded a version of Fateh 110 which has a travel range of 150 to 200 kilometres (90 to 125 miles).

Also during government week, the production lines of two missile-carrying speedboats, Seraj (Lamp) and Zolfaqar (named after Shiite Imam Ali’s sword) are due to be inaugurated, while a long-range drone, Karar, is expected to be unveiled…

Meanwhile, we have this from Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency:

Soltanieh: Iran nuclear fuel cycle to be completed with Bushehr NPP startup

Vienna, Aug 20, IRNA – Iran’s IAEA envoy, Ali-Asghar Soltanieh, said here Friday that with operation of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, Iran’s fuel cycle will practically be completed.

Soltanieh told IRNA that since all nuclear fuel cycle phases, including uranium exploration and extraction, purification, transfer and uranium enrichment, and construction of fuel rods for reactors and for the research reactor in Iran exist in Iran fully, operational of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant will place Iran among few countries worldwide to be skilled in full fuel cycle

Translation: Iran will now have access to plutonium.

But the Obama administration says that we have nothing to worry about – for maybe even a year.

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One Response to “Iran Shows Off Its New ‘Mahdi’ Missile”

  1. bousquem says:

    Maybe if the world is lucky, the nuclear tipped missle will launch up a bit, arm, and then have a failure that causes it to fall back on the heads of iranians and wipe them out. But then the moonbats in washington will scrambling to send “aid” to those crazies because of the nuclear detonation. The only aid I’d like to send them is more armed bombs from our arsenal to wipe their facilities out and make that area glow in the dark for many years to come.

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