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Iran ‘To Try’ British Embassy Staffer

From an approving Associated Press:

Iranian cleric: British Embassy staff to be tried

By Lee Keath, Associated Press Writer

A top Iranian cleric said Friday that some of the detained Iranian staffers of the British Embassy in Tehran will be put on trial, and he accused Britain of a role in instigating widespread protests that erupted over the country’s disputed presidential election…

Jannati, a powerful hard-liner who is close to Iran’s supreme leader, told worshippers during a Friday prayer sermon in Tehran that the detained staffers "made confessions."

"In these events, their embassy had a presence," he said, referring to the post-election turmoil. "Some people were arrested. Well, inevitably, they will be put on trial."

He did not say how many staffers will be tried or on what charges. Earlier Iranian officials said all but one of the nine embassy personnel originally arrested had been released, but European Union officials said they believed more than one was still being held

Jannati does not hold a position in the government or judiciary, but is the head of the Guardian Council, a powerful body in Iran’s ruling clerical hierarchy that stands above the elected government. He is also close to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Jannati told the thousands of worshippers that the British "had designed a velvet revolution … In March, they said (in their Foreign Ministry) that street riots were possible during June elections. These are signs … revealed by themselves."

He also said those involved in protests "need to repent and ask God to forgive them."

Apparently the Iranians learned from their experience when they kidnapped the British navel personnel.

There is no down side for them.

(Thanks to Melissa for the heads up.)

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6 Responses to “Iran ‘To Try’ British Embassy Staffer”

  1. beautyofreason says:

    ‘He also said those involved in protests “need to repent and ask God to forgive them.”‘

    Oh, the irony. Must be projection. Islamic terrorists and dictators are great at accusing others of their own crimes.

    As for the sham charges, Iran is going all out knowing full well that Britain and the United States have weak leaders who stop at harsh words. So is North Korea, threatening everything short of an actual attack (only because they can expect retaliation if they hit our soil). Iran knows it will get a free pass under Obama. I don’t see the sanctions as doing much harm to them either. Iran’s main exports are what, hand-knotted rugs and pistachios? The mullahs have not managed the economy well. And they have enough natural gas for a thousand years, so the impact of sanctions will be minimal. Seems like the dictators are relishing their time in the spotlight and showing us just how low they can stoop. And who is to stop them?

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Maybe they should send him back to the UK and try the case in one of the 85 Sharia courts they have set up.

    What God would these Peace lovers want us to ask forgiveness to?
    The one that kills women and children or the one that calls for infidels to die for their religion?

    Can’t you just feel the love?

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Hey, what’s the Taj Mahal’s bathroom attendant doing on S&L?!

  4. Howard Roark says:

    And how will the UK/EU respond to this case of barbarism that will most likely result in the hanging of innocent workers in their Foreign Office in Iran? Only the finest response from the same European liberals who couldn’t defend themselves against their own monsters last century:

    The EU decided today to summon all Iranian ambassadors in capitals across Europe in a co-ordinated protest over the detention of UK embassy staff. (source)

    Wow. That’ll show ’em!

  5. canary says:

    He also said those involved in protests “need to repent and ask God to forgive them.” …

    only after the “severe” punishment they will recieve. The holie book of torture leaves a broad loop hole in it’s interpretation, the monsters play allah & judge. The judgement’s better. Down to 1 hand and 2 feet only that can be severed.

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