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Iran: US, UK Not Keeping Arms Out Of Iraq

From the Islamic Republic News Agency:

US, UK failing to monitor flood of arms into Iraq, Amnesty warns

London, Sept 17, IRNA

Iraq is being flooded with weapons, many by the US and UK, but without any proper over where the weapons end up, Amnesty International warned Wednesday.

“Very serious failures have occurred in the effective management of huge quantities of weapons and munitions supplied to Iraq since 2003,” the London-based human rights group said.

It said that while Iraqi officials have been “primarily responsible, a significant share of the responsibility rests with the US and UK coalition forces and their contractors.”

According to US state department figures this week, Iraq has signed more than Dlrs 3 billion worth of arms deals in the past two years.

Amnesty estimated that more than 1 million small arms have been sold to Iraq since the 2003 invasion despite widespread human rights violations.

Among examples was the dispatch via the UK of thousands of Italian Beretta pistols, many of which were said to have ended up in the hands of insurgents in Iraq.

The human rights group warned that there was no clear accountable audit trail for some 360,000 small arms supplied to the Iraqi security forces, many by the US and UK.

“The easy availability of small arms and lack of accountability in Iraq has contributed to sectarian killings by armed groups, as well as torture and other ill-treatment,” it said

Is this the world turned upside down or what?

Are the US and UK spending their blood and treasury to keep arms and the terrorists who deal in them and use them out of Iraq?

Funny how Amnesty International is always on the side of the terrorists.

And note that they didn’t even mention that the Iraqis get a lot of their small arms from the Communist Chinese.

Why is that?

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