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Iran, Venezuela Unify Against “Barbarian” US

From those lovers of dictators at Reuters:


Iran, Venezuela in “axis of unity” against U.S

By Parisa Hafezi

ASSALOUYEH, Iran (Reuters) – The presidents of Iran and Venezuela launched construction of a joint petrochemical plant on Monday, strengthening an “axis of unity” between two oil-rich nations staunchly opposed to the United States.

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who both often rail against Washington, also signed a series of other deals to expand economic cooperation, ranging from setting up a dairy factory in Venezuela to forming an oil company.

The two countries will united defeat the imperialism of North America,” a beaming Chavez told a news conference during an official visit to the Islamic Republic, which the United States has labeled part of an “axis of evil.” …

Chavez, who last week pushed two U.S. oil giants out of his country as part of his self-styled socialist revolution, said: “This is the unity of the Persian Gulf and the Caribbean Sea.” …

In comments certain to please his hosts, who have often called on the United States to leave Iraq, Chavez branded those invading Iran’s neighbor as “barbarians,” drawing parallels with the European colonization of Latin America centuries ago.

“Those who try to convince the world that in Iran there are a bunch of barbarians are barbarians themselves.”

From the Oxford English Dictionary:

barbarous, a.

[The Gr. word had probably a primary reference to speech, and is compared with L. balbus stammering. The sense-development in ancient times was (with the Greeks) ‘foreign, non-Hellenic,’ later ‘outlandish, rude, brutal’; (with the Romans) ‘not Latin nor Greek,’ then ‘pertaining to those outside the Roman empire’; hence ‘uncivilized, uncultured,’ and later ‘non-Christian,’ whence ‘Saracen, heathen’; and generally ‘savage, rude, savagely cruel, inhuman.’ The later uses occur first in Eng., the L. and Gr. senses appearing only in translators or historians.]

3. Uncultured, uncivilized, unpolished; rude, rough, wild, savage. (Said of men, their manners, customs, products.) The usual opposite of civilized.

We are the barbarians only if words have no meaning.

But of course they don’t to people like Chavez and Ahmadinejad and their brethren on the left.

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