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Iran Wants A Reward For Returning Hostages

From the UK’s Financial Times:

Iran’s ambassador Rasoul Movahedian.

Tehran calls for goodwill gesture by London

By Daniel Dombey in London

April 7 2007

Tehran has called on London to respond to its release of 15 UK naval personnel with a gesture of good will, indicating it wants Britain’s help to free five Iranians held in Iraq and ease concerns about its nuclear programme.

“We played our part and we showed our good will,” Rasoul Movahedian, Iran’s ambassador to the UK, told the Financial Times, in his first interview since the crisis began. “Now it is up to the British government to proceed in a positive way.”

Speaking before the 15 former detainees said they had been exploited and maltreated by their captors, the ambassador said: “We share in the British people’s happiness and we believe it is the right time for the British government to affirm its willingness to establish sensible lines of communication with Iran.” Mr Movahedian said that it was a “mutual task” shared by Iran and the world’s big powers to “glean the fruits” of Tehran’s decision to release the Britons.

In particular, he said he would welcome recognition by the permanent five members of the United Nations Security Council of what Iran says is its right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. Enrichment can produce both nuclear fuel and weapons-grade material.

“That’s the prime issue for Iran and I think that could help set a new basis for our future relations with western countries,” he said…

Talk about chutzpah.

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