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Ahmadinejad: Must Get Ready To Rule World

From Iran's Rooz Online:

Iran’s officials compete on who is God’s representative?

05 Sep 2006

The head of the Assembly of Experts in the opening of its sixteenth majlis announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the only legitimate form of government in the world. “Our system is bound to God, and our powerful leader is God’s representative on earth, our army is God’s army. Our young people are Hezbollah and the majority of our people are friends of God which is an honor for us.”

Both news agencies, IRNA and ISNA printed the words of Ayatollah Meshkini at the 16th opening of this majlis and quoted him as saying: “ the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the most legal form of government in the world and all its institutions, which are ruled under our redeemed leader, act on behalf of God. This has given us a special legitimacy.” Meshkini, who is currently the head of the assembly of experts, said that the Islamic leader is a Faghigh (jurisconsult) and all matters should be in the hands of the Ulama (religious scholars). He emphasized that all our government organs and institutions are endorsed by the Prophet of Islam and the Imams.

This is not the first time that Ayatollah Meshkini has spoken of his and other officials’ special relationship to heavenly sources and their endorsement by the pious Islamic. The head of the Khebregan (assembly of experts) had said in previous elections that some of the names of the 7th Majlis had been “endorsed by Imam Zaman (the 12th Imam who is to reappear) himself.”

At the same time, Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad, speaking in front of dozens of journalists and TV cameras, spoke of the special nature of his government: “ you have seen how governments are formed. My government has come to power without any major propaganda or reliance on any party or group.” People have beseeched us to govern by praying, paying out of their own pockets – young and old, from deep nationalist passions. ” Mr. Ahmadi Nejad, who has not delivered a single one of his election promises, reaffirmed that “the special feature of our government is that we have a trusted cabinet; we will examine the different legislations and the budget which all are indicative of the very special nature of our government.”

On the other hand, GholamHossein Elham, the government’s spokesman, also spoke in the same manner as Meshkini and Ahmadi Nejad in Karaj: “ the election of the President was a blessing, God’s will, and a true miracle.” His wife, Fatemeh Rajabi, who has published a book recently which can be found on the newly formed site for the President, has claimed that “ Ahmadi Nejad’s presence in the 9th presidential election was indeed a ‘miracle of the millennium’ which has truly amazed the whole world. It was both a wish and a promise for the Iranian nation and a true resurgence of Mohammedan Islam.

Government officials have been competing with the clerics on their respective relations to the divinity. One of the most highly controversial of these speeches was given by the head of Divan-e-Edalat Mohasebat (special court of justice), Mohammad Reza Rahimi who said to Ahmadi Nejad while he attended a meeting of 10,000 people, “ In Syria, one of our Moslem brothers told me that if there was a prophet to re-appear after our Prophet Mohammad, that is Prophet Ahmadi Nejad. ” The head of this special court dismissed any accountability for Ahmadi Nejad and said that he has chosen the most worthy, capable, honest ministers who will embark on stopping corruption.”

The list of Ahmadi Nejad’s special relations to the divine sources has been long in the last year. Among these claims are that he saw a halo around himself when delivering his speech at the United Nations (in his talk with Ayatollah Javad Amoli) and the claim made by Ayatollah Janati, the deputy of Council of Experts, stating that “Ahmadi Nejad’s letter to G.W. Bush was a message from God”. These claims have resulted in new heavenly Promises – Mr. Ahmadi Nejad announced that “ we must get ready to rule the world. And that the Islamic government in Iran is the pre-requisite for a world wide Islamic state.”

Here is some background on Roos, courtesy of Wikipedia:


Rooz (Persian:روز, literally day) is an Iranian morning newspaper in Persian and English, temporarily published on the internet only. It is mostly staffed by exiled independent reformist Iranian journalists, including Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, and Nikahang Kowsar with occasional articles by activists and journalists inside Iran, including Shirin Ebadi and Ahmad Zeidabadi.

It was first published on May 10, 2005. It is published by "Iran Gooya" (registered in France).

The article is a translation. But you get the idea.

These people are dangerously crazy.

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