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Iran News Cuts Ahmadinejad’s Gay Claims

Discreetly buried in Newsday:


Compiled from news dispatches

September 27, 2007

PRESIDENT MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD’S comment that there are no gays in Iran was cut out of official Farsi transcripts of his appearance Monday at Columbia University.

On the Farsi-language versions of the president’s official Web site and the country’s official news agency, IRNA, these comments are cut out or slightly revised to delete references to homosexuality.

The complete transcript was published in the English-language version of the state news agency and some Iranian newspapers ran the comments yesterday. 

Ironically this is the same man who just the other day was telling US Muslim leaders how our media keep the American people away from the truth. 

(Which of course is truth, but not the way he meant it.)

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