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Iranians Claim Side Deal, Say ‘World Surrendered’

From the Los Angeles Times:

New Iran agreement includes secret side deal, Tehran official says

By Paul Richter | January 13, 2014

WASHINGTON – Key elements of a new nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers are contained in an informal, 30-page text not yet publicly acknowledged by Western officials, Iran’s chief negotiator said Monday. Abbas Araqchi disclosed the existence of the document in a Persian-language interview with the semiofficial Iranian Students News Agency.

The new agreement, announced over the weekend, sets out a timetable for how Iran and the six nations, led by the United States, will implement a deal reached in November that is aimed at restraining Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

When officials from Iran and the world powers announced that they had completed the implementing agreement, they didn’t release the text of the deal, nor did they acknowledge the existence of an informal addendum…

A State Department spokeswoman, Marie Harf, denied later Monday that there was any secret agreement.

Once again we are faced with a conundrum. Should we believe a power-mad regime with a long track record of lying to advance its agenda? Or should we believe the Iranians?

"Any documentation associated with implementation tracks completely with what we’ve described," she said. "These are technical plans submitted to the International Atomic Energy Agency," the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog agency…

In his interview, Araqchi touched on the sensitive issue of how much latitude Iran will have to continue its nuclear research and development.

U.S. officials said Sunday that Iran would be allowed to continue existing research and development projects and with pencil-and-paper design work, but not to advance research with new projects. Araqchi, however, implied that the program would have wide latitude.

“No facility will be closed; enrichment will continue, and qualitative and nuclear research will be expanded,” he said. “All research into a new generation of centrifuges will continue.” …

Meanwhile, Iran’s President, Hass Rouhani has subsequently tweeted:

Hassan Rouhani: "Our relationship with the world is based on Iranian nation’s interests. In Geneva agreement world powers surrendered to Iranian nation’s will."

Which certainly sounds like the case.

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One Response to “Iranians Claim Side Deal, Say ‘World Surrendered’”

  1. canary says:

    “We will make information available to Congress and the public as it becomes available,” Harf said.

    She’ll barf out more leading to CNN helping cover her lies to the NYT.

    She such a dam good liar she’ll probably get Jay Carney’s job where will here more Marf’s Barf.

    CNN is too busy reporting on man claims he saw Bigfoot, Michelle Obama spoke about Botox in People magazine, Are Bananas good for you, under breaking news. Had to search through all sorts of garbage breaking news, US news, World News, and just couldn’t find it.

    Cooper is still investigating the movie theater shooting.

    Obama new it was a pre-planned Al-Qaeda attack before he left for his Las Vegas. And to think the dead Americans and the Americans suffering from see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, had to take Libya planes out of there.

    With no one in the Dept of Defense or other departments being able to sneeze without Obama’s permission it’s fair to say all the delays and lying was because Obama was too busy partying in Las Vegas and Hillary too busy drinking beer with her girlfriends talking about what dogs their husbands are.

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