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Iran’s Khatami On America’s Humiliation In Iraq

From Iran’s IRNA:

US version of democracy a big lie – Khatami

Tehran, Aug 17, IRNA

Provisional Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran in his second sermon here Friday awakened world nations [sic] no longer believe US slogans for democracy, considering them big lies.

Addressing thousands of Tehrani worshipers at Central Campus of Tehran University, Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami added, “The United States has faced defeat in many of its projects, and the US humiliation is truly a blessed phenomenon.”

He said, “The Americans came to the region chanting slogans on democracy, and the most obvious political event in contemporary history is their absolute defeat.

Khatami said, “They put forth their Greater Middle East Initiative after that, but the thirty-three day brave resistance of the Lebanese Resistance, led by Hezbollah, totally annihilated the US plan, once more strengthening the foundations of the global anti-oppression campaign.”

This week’s Friday preacher of Tehran said, “Even their own analysts are urged to confess today that the US has to seek for a one dictatorship regime in Iraq, proposing bringing back to the scene the Ba’th Party, minus Saddam, but they had better realize that is no more than a dream that would never come true.”

Khatami said, “The great Iraqi nation would by grace of God never permit the emergence of new dictators in their country.”

He said, “The other blessed development of our era is the awakening of the world nations, that is a blessed fruit of the great Islamic Revolution (of the Iranian nation).”

The interim Friday prayer leader of Tehran added, “During the course of the past week the US and British officials had two very meaningful confessions.”

He added, “The spokesman of the British Foreign Ministry said hat the British Government has fully lost its prestigious status and popularity in the Middle East and the US media wrote that Washington’s support for any candidate in Middle East elections would cost him being a permanent loser in his country.”

Ayatollah Khatami said the third blessed phenomenon is “the rational behavior” of some of Iran’s neighbors, arguing, “The Americans keep on propagating in Iraq that Iran is the real cause or lack of security there, repeating it a thousand different ways, but the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maleki in his Tehran visit spoke of Iran’s positive role in his country.”

He added, “Mr. Maleki thus proved he does not heed the US political anti-Iranian campaign, and of course that is what is expected from the popular government of Mr. al-Maleki.”

Khatami emphasized, “Mr. Maleki’s government has the backing of the Iraqi people, and the Islamic Republic of Iran feels obliged to support it, as we have so far done so in various fields.”

The interim Friday prayer leader of Tehran said, “(The Afghan president) Mr. Hamid Karzai, too, said at a joint press conference with (US President George W.) Bush that Iran plays a positive role in Afghanistan.”

He reiterated, “Such remarks are proof for the rational thinking of Iran’s neighbors and we hope the other neighbors, too, would behave similarly, since the occupiers have to leave the region, but the Islamic Iran would remain here,” adding, “They are also proof that the US and Israel have by grace of God faced defeat in their efforts aimed at sowing seeds of discord between Iran and its neighbors.” Addressing Iran’s neighbors, Ayatollah Khatami said, “The powerful Iran ensures you security, and is ready to help you solve your problems.”

How typically bizarre.

Mr. Khatami mocks American’s attempts at bringing democracy to the Middle East while extolling the greatness of Iraq’s elected government.

Logic means nothing to these people. Especially on Fridays.

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