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Iran’s Nuclear Rights Are Not Negotiable

From Iran’s Press TV:

Ahmadinejad: Iran ready to hold fair talks

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expresses the country’s readiness to hold "fair and logical" talks with the five veto-wielding of the UN Security Council plus Germany.

"If wise officials of certain Western countries and the United States are to make final decisions, we expect change of approaches, an issue which Iran welcomes," the president told a news conference on Monday.

"Although the Iranian nation will turn threats into unique opportunities, continuation of the current approaches will not be beneficial," he said adding "We are ready to hold talks and exchange views in a correct direction to solve global challenges."

President Ahmadinejad expressed his readiness to "debate and talk" with US President Barack Obama in a public meeting before world mass media.

"I have said it before in [George] Bush’s time and repeat it now in Obama’s time that we are ready for debate and talk on international issues before mass media which is the best way to resolve world issues," he said.

Elaborating about Iran’s plan to present its updated proposed nuclear package in view of last year’s global developments to the Group 5+1, Ahmadinejad said the new version of the package includes solutions for global nuclear disarmament and peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

The president however ruled out talks on nuclear rights of the Iranian nation, saying, "Iran will never negotiate on obvious rights of our people."

"From our view point our nuclear issue is finished," he said but adding "We will continue our work in the framework of global regulations and in close cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency."

The Iranian president went on to add that the package was put forth in “response to” the group’s offer of talks with Tehran.

Ahmadinejad added that Tehran is also working out solutions to other global issues such as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Middle East conflict as well as the global economic crisis.

"Iran has prepared other packages on different issues which will be presented to other countries," he concluded.

Well, why should they negotiate away their nuclear weapons?

Mr. Obama, through his surrogates such as Mr. John Kerry, have already accepted that they have the right to the bomb.

Everything else is just window-dressing. Especially the pretend ‘sanctions.’

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3 Responses to “Iran’s Nuclear Rights Are Not Negotiable”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Israel had better know that Barry is a Mooselim and would sell his soul for Mooselim countries to own the nuclear Genie to spread across the Middle East. Now it looks like Central and South America too!!
    Very dangerous move but barry don’t give a shiite about America or our allies!

  2. proreason says:

    Another part of the plan that is working perfectly.

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