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Iraq: Blackwater Ruling “Unacceptable”

From an outraged Reuters:

Iraq: U.S. Blackwater case dismissal "unacceptable"

January 1, 2010

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq expressed anger on Friday with a U.S. federal court ruling that threw out all charges against five Blackwater Worldwide security guards accused of gunning down Iraqi civilians in 2007.

The ruling was "unjust and unacceptable" Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement, adding that Iraq had started to take steps to sue the private security company, now known as Xe Services.

A federal judge threw out the charges against the guards accused of killing 14 Iraqi civilians in 2007, saying the U.S. government had recklessly violated the defendants’ constitutional rights.

Dabbagh called for the ruling to be appealed against. He gave no details on how or where Iraq would take legal action.

The Baghdad shooting strained U.S.-Iraqi relations and became a symbol for many Iraqis of foreign disregard for local life

Well, it’s hard to match Iraqis when it comes regard for human life.

Still, the ingratitude of these people is simply breathtaking.

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4 Responses to “Iraq: Blackwater Ruling “Unacceptable””

  1. GetBackJack says:

    The facts in circumstances such as these will never be revealed, can never see the light of day. One must learn how to track a quarry by the trail it leaves rather than have the beast announce itself. Sunshine and the dirty secrets of how budgets are spent MUST NEVER come together. This beast is especially good at hiding itself because they bought the MSM long ago. Without media scrutiny it’s almost impossible to reveal these things. Nobody believes it can really be this ugly, unless told by the media it is.

    That acknowledged, surely most S&L readers know by now that virtually every private business Contracting or sub-Contracting in our two primary overseas theaters are there because a member of Congress managed to wrangle ‘his guys’ into position to suck the Pentagon teat. These wars really ought to be known as world-straddling opportunities for Congressional Graft. Hundreds and hundreds of billions being dispensed makes the bailouts look like a cracker jack box in comparison, and you surely know the bailouts were nothing more than looting you and me to shift our assets to a select few Congressionally approved fronts. How much more are the unaccountable hundreds of billions going down the rat hole of Not Winning These Wars?

    This is Congressional Graft written on a tablet of such magnitude that adjectives fail.

    Blackwater was one outfit that was not part of the graft, fraud and criminality of Congress. Ergo – they had to go.

    Members of Congress (you most certainly know) cut deals with their counterparts in these foreign theaters of operation and this absolutely was the case in order to deal with Blackwater. Bend a number of willing Iraqi politicians (famous for graft to begin with) and then arrange for Blackwater to be brought up on charges. Doesn’t matter if real or not …. the Accusation and resulting media frenzy is enough to tarnish them forever. Bada-bing, mission accomplished, Blackwater out, some other paramilitary group in “in”. You need willing accomplices in The Other Nation to get that done in their house, and well …. there’s your train of evidence.

    Chesterton said, “It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.”

  2. GetBackJack says:

    And right on cue to support my assertion …

    Man who burglarized Sen. Chris Dodd’s office dies of injuries in prison. You might want to consider keeping your Banking Committee and Healthcare Reform criticisms to yourself .

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    If Iraq doesn’t want Blackwater maybe we can use them on the Mexican border.

  4. AcornsRNuts says:

    While I am outraged at the audacity of these towel-tetes thinking they can dictate how OUR citizens are prosecuted, I fear this good news about the blackwater guys may be a sign of something bad on the horizon. I mean, is there any doubt that KSM and co. had their constitutional rights violated?

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