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Iraq Buys Iranian Arms, US Plans Afghan Bug Out

From the Agence France Presse:

US presses Iraq on reports of arms deal with Iran

February 24, 2014

Washington (AFP) – The United States pressed Iraq to explain media reports that it had signed a contract to buy arms from Iran, a move forbidden under a United Nations embargo. "We’ve certainly seen those reports. If true, this would raise serious concerns," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Really. Just "serious concerns"?

A deal signed in November in which Iraq would buy $195 million in arms from Iran was reported by Reuters in Baghdad Monday. Psaki said that "any transfer of arms from Iran to a third country is in direct violation" of the UN embargo.

"We are seeking clarification on this matter from the government of Iraq and to ensure that Iraqi officials understand the limits that international law places on arms trade with Iran," she added…

For crying out loud. The Obama administration’s only ‘concern’ is that this violates a UN embargo? That is the least of the problems with such a deal.

How much blood and treasure has been spent to ‘liberate’ Iraq. And now they are aligning with Iran?

Of course, we suspected this would happen if we abandoned the region, as Obama has done as quickly as possible.

Speaking of which, we also have this from the Washington Examiner:

Obama tells Pentagon to plan for full Afghanistan withdrawal

By Meghashyam Mali | FEBRUARY 25, 2014

President Obama has ordered the Pentagon to begin drafting plans for a complete withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan by the year’s end in case the Bilateral Security Agreement is not signed, the White House announced Tuesday.

For some odd reason we strongly suspect the Bilateral Security Agreement will not be signed. Which will give Obama a convenient excuse to bug out. Just as he has always wanted to do.

Obama notified his counterpart, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, of the decision in a phone call. “President Obama told President Karzai that because he has demonstrated that it is unlikely that he will sign the BSA, the United States is moving forward with additional contingency planning,” said the White House in a statement.

“Specifically, President Obama has asked the Pentagon to ensure that it has adequate plans in place to accomplish an orderly withdrawal by the end of the year should the United States not keep any troops in Afghanistan after 2014,” the statement added.

Critics say that without an agreement and U.S. troop presence, the international community risks seeing their decade-plus effort to build a stable Afghanistan lost…

Which was Obama’s plan all along.

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One Response to “Iraq Buys Iranian Arms, US Plans Afghan Bug Out”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Correction: Obama Bugs Out

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