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13 Hanged In First Iraq Executions Since Saddam

Some good news for all but Mother Sheehan who calls these insurgents terrorists "freedom fighters."

From her fellow mourners at the DNC's Associated Press:

An Iraqi army soldier inspects the wreckage of a car at a site where two car bombs went off in Baghdad.

Iraq Hangs 13 Insurgents; Bomb Hits Mosque

By SAMEER N. YACOUB, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi authorities hanged 13 insurgents Thursday, marking the first time militants have been executed in the country since Saddam Hussein was ousted, the government said. A series of explosions, including a car bomb that struck a Sunni mosque, and a shooting killed 16 civilians and wounded 31 as a dust storm enveloped the capital.

The U.S. military, meanwhile, confirmed claims that a mass abduction from a security firm was the work of kidnappers masquerading as Interior Ministry commandos.

In political developments, Shiite politicians said they had asked Kurdish President Jalal Talabani to convene parliament March 19, one week past the constitutional deadline, marking an apparent compromise in the battle over a second term for Shiite Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari.

The Cabinet announcement listed the name of only one of those hanged, Shukair Farid, a former policeman in the northern city of Mosul, who allegedly confessed that he had worked with Syrian foreign fighters to enlist fellow Iraqis to kill police and civilians.

"The competent authorities have today carried out the death sentences of 13 terrorists," according to the statement.

It said Farid had "confessed that foreigners recruited him to spread the fear through killings and abductions."

A judicial official said the death sentences were handed down in separate trials and were carried out in Baghdad.

"The 13 terrorists were tried in different courts and their trials began in 2005 and ended earlier this year," an official of the Supreme Judiciary Council said, speaking on condition of anonymity due to fears of reprisal from insurgents.

In September, Iraq hanged three convicted murderers, the first executions since Saddam's ouster in April 2003. They were convicted of killing three police officers, kidnapping and rape.

Capital punishment was suspended during the formal U.S. occupation, which ended in June 2004, and the Iraqis reinstated the penalty two months later for those found guilty of murder, endangering national security and distributing drugs, saying it was necessary to help put down the persistent insurgency.

The authorities also wanted to have the option of executing Saddam if he is convicted of crimes committed by his regime. Under the former dictator, 114 offenses were punishable by death.

Saddam and seven co-defendants are on trial for allegedly massacring more than 140 people in Dujail, north of Baghdad, after an assassination attempt against him in 1982.

Death sentences must be approved by the three-member presidential council headed by President Jalal Talabani, who opposes the death penalty. In the September executions and again in the Thursday hangings, Talabani refused to sign the authorization himself but gave his two vice presidents the authority…

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