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Iraq Hires Lobbyist (The Radical Left Podestas)

From the Politico:

Iraq to hire D.C. lobbyist

By BYRON TAU and ANNA PALMER | February 13, 2013

The government of Iraq is in the final stages of inking a contract with the Podesta Group as its first Washington lobbying firm, POLITICO has learned. A source says the Podesta Group significantly underbid D.C. rivals Patton Boggs and the Livingston Group.

Podesta was also chosen in part for boss Tony Podesta’s relationship with top Democrats — including Vice President Joe Biden. Podesta also has a long relationship with former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton…

All of whom wanted the US to lose the war in Iraq. In fact, Joe Biden even wanted to divide Iraq into three parts. In fact, if these people had had their way, Iraq would still be under the boot of Saddam Hussein. But this is how Iraq rewards its enemies, and punishes its friends.

Politico also neglects to mention that Tony Podesta is the brother of John Podesta, the radical leftist who helms the Democrat think tank, the Center For American Progress. In fact, John and Tony founded the Podesta Group together. And anyone with a memory longer than a gnat’s will recall that the Center For American Progress also did their best to make us lose the war in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Tony is no less of a radical than John. In 1981 Tony Podesta became a founding president of People for the American Way, which he led until 1987. Which, of course, also opposed the war in Iraq.

It’s the first lobbying contract for the post-Saddam Hussein Iraq. The country faces a number of significant challenges in D.C. — including repairing a somewhat strained relationship with the Obama administration in the aftermath of a failure to come to an agreement on a status of forces agreement in 2011…

The Politico also fails to note that the Podesta group is also a lobbyist for the Egyptian government. In fact, Salon published an article about the Podesta group in January 2011: ‘Who’s doing Mubarak’s bidding in Washington?’

And we saw what a good job they did for Mubarak.

Anyway, this is so typical. Iraq is rewarding another group of people would like to have seen them still under Saddam. Just like they have yet to reward the US with a single oil deal, while giving oil deals to China and Russia, who also did everything they could to make the US lose in Iraq.

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