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Iraq Will Work With Turkey Against The PKK

From those avowed enemies of terrorism at the New York Times:

The flag of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the PKK.

Iraq Says It Will Cooperate With Turkey on Kurds


ISTANBUL, Oct. 23 — Iraq urged Turkey today to use diplomacy to resolve the conflict with the Kurdish separatist group that has been mounting attacks in Turkey and offered to send a high-level military delegation to Ankara to discuss international cooperation to halt the violence and discourage a Turkish cross-border offensive.

Turkey said it was still open to a diplomatic solution but did not rule out recourse to allowing troops chasing the rebels to follow them into their havens in northern Iraq, and it publicly rejected the offer of a cease-fire with the Kurdish separatist group, known as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or the P.K.K.

The comments were made at a news conference after talks in Baghdad between Iraq’s foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari, and Ali Babacan, the Turkish foreign minister. It was unclear, however, what form the cooperation offered by Iraq against the P.K.K would take, and whether it could eventually go beyond intelligence sharing or other efforts to include military help.

“I assured the minister that the Iraqi government will actively help Turkey to overcome this menace,” Mr. Zebari said.

Mr. Babacan said Turkey had a strong interest in the stability and unity of its neighbor, Iraq. But he said Turkey also expected the Iraqi central government to do its share to rein in the Kurdish militants…

Today, Mr. Zebari said Iraq would restrict the movements of the Kurdish militants and target their financing, Reuters reported. “We will not allow any party, including the P.K.K. to poison our bilateral relations,” he said.

Mr. Babacan said Turkey could use several options to fight terrorism, including economic tools, cultural tools, diplomacy and military action. “Military option is a tool,” he said. “One tool is on the table.” But he added: “It doesn’t mean on the other hand that we are going to give up the other tools.”

Mr. Babacan said he expected Iraq’s central government to take action against the Kurdish militants, and not rely on efforts by the regional authorities in northern Iraq. “We expect Iraq as a whole to show the political will in combat against terrorism,” he said…

In Baghdad, Mr. Babacan publicly dismissed the idea that Turkey would agree to any cease-fire called by the P.K.K., saying Turkey could not do so with a terrorist organization. On Monday, the Kurdish group declared its willingness for a cease-fire, according to a statement posted on a Kurdish Web site…

The Kurdish group said in the statement on Monday that it was willing to stop fighting. “We extend the hand of peace once again,” said the statement, posted on the Web site of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the political party of Iraq’s president, Jalal Talabani, who is a Kurd.

The site gave as its source the Firat News Agency, an online service that often carries statements from the P.K.K. “We are ready to discuss the issue,” the statement said…

Ever notice how our watchdog media fails to tell us that the “PKK” is a communist organization.

Even the lefties at Wikipedia acknowledge this simple fact:

Kurdistan Workers Party

The Kurdistan Workers Party (Kurdish: Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan or PKK, Turkish: Kürdistan İşçi Partisi, also called KADEK, Kongra-Gel, and KCK) is an armed militant group founded in the 1970s and led, until his capture in 1999, by Abdullah Öcalan.

The PKK’s ideology was founded on revolutionary Marxism-Leninism and Kurdish nationalism. The PKK’s goal has been to create an independent socialist Kurdish state in a territory which it claims as Kurdistan, an area that comprises parts of south-eastern Turkey, north-eastern Iraq, north-eastern Syria and north-western Iran; those states oppose any such change.

It is an ethnic secessionist organization that uses force and the threat of force against both civilian and military targets for the purpose of achieving its political goal.

But somehow none of this is ever deemed worth noting by our mainstream media.

Why is that, do you think?

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