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With Iraq Won, NYT Turns On John Murtha

From an editorial from a suddenly concerned New York Times:

Following Mr. Murtha’s Money

February 11, 2009

The mantra of criminal investigators — follow the money — often reveals a decidedly circular route when it comes to Capitol Hill politics. Consider the recent raids by federal agents on the offices of a lobbyist and a Pentagon contractor, both with lucrative ties to Representative John Murtha, the powerful Democratic defense appropriator from Pennsylvania. Mr. Murtha, who has not been named as a target, is the reigning master at reaping handsome campaign donations from firms that he regularly blesses with rich government contracts.

One raid was at PMA Group of Arlington, Va., a lobbying firm founded by the former top staff aide on the defense appropriations subcommittee chaired by Mr. Murtha. (The gilded career path for ranking staffers who market their Inner Sanctum entree.) The lawmakers, meanwhile, earmarked more than $100 million in defense spending for PMA clients in the appropriations bills for 2008, according to a study by Taxpayers for Common Sense, which tracks earmarks.

Mr. Murtha received $1.3 million in donations from PMA’s clients in the last two election cycles.

Quid pro quo? Absolutely not, the congressman’s office insists. So far, reports indicate the F.B.I. focus is on whether bogus campaign contributions were made by grateful donors to Mr. Murtha and other Democrats on his subcommittee. If true, that would be only half a scandal. The investigation should not be limited to donors, but must look for any evidence of favoritism by incumbents doling out federal largess.

There also have been raids at two defense contractors in Mr. Murtha’s home district that have won tens of millions in Pentagon contracts in the last eight years.

Mr. Murtha says his contract decisions are all about job creation and fair value for taxpayers, not power brokering for easy political money. The surprise is not that Justice Department investigators dare to poke into Mr. Murtha’s defense appropriations trough. The surprise is that it took them so long.

This article constitutes a very significant landmark.

It tells us that at long last the New York Times has given up on defeating the US military in Iraq.

Or perhaps they think Mr. Obama will do it for them.

In any case, we have known from the start that Mr. Murtha decided to turn against the Iraq War (and the country in general), to give himself protection from any investigation of his long and corrupt history.

One of our earlier postings on Mr. Murtha was titled: “Don’t Indict Me – I’m A Whistleblower.”

But now it is finally safe for the New York Times to revert to type.

After all, they don’t hate Mr. Murtha for his corruption. They hate him because his corruption happened to help defense contractors.

And we can’t have that.

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8 Responses to “With Iraq Won, NYT Turns On John Murtha”

  1. EvaTheFrisbeeDog says:

    I can’t wait for the perp walk. If there’s any justice, they’ll lock him in a cell for an hour with the Marines who were acquitted after he falsely accused them of war crimes.

  2. Consilience says:

    They should put this nitwit in the same cage as Duke…he’s is an awful person.

  3. artboyusa says:

    JACK “PRETTY BOY” MURTHA, the Pennsylvania Man-Pig, stars in “Jack’s Big Score”!
    From the Artboy Archives, a Pretty Boy Jack story from a couple of years back…

    The intercom buzzed insistently on the Pennsylvania Congressman’s ornate but cluttered desk.

    “Bzzzz. Bzzzz. Bzzzz” it went. “Bzzzzzzzzz…”

    “Huh? Wha? I’m awake – I wasn’t asleep!” Jack “Pretty Boy” Murtha spluttered “I’m woikin’ on impordant legislation”.

    “Congressman? Are you okay?” asked his secretary. “The delegation from the Japanese Embassy is here for your 4 pm meeting”.

    “Wha? Nips, huh? So early in da day? Okay – gimme a minute and den send da slopes in”.

    Pretty Boy tucked his shirt under his massive bellies and wiped his mouth on his tie. He spat on his hands and plastered his white hair into place. A quick glance in the mirror – “lookin’ good” – and then he was ready. The door opened… Oops –the bottle! He grabbed it and shoved it back in his desk drawer.

    “Congressman? This is the delegation from the Embassy of Japan. Gentlemen, this is Congressman Murtha”.

    “Hey, fellas. What’s the good word? How youse doin’?”

    “We are doing most werr, esteemed Murtha-san, sank you” hissed the lead Nip. “I am Mitsubishi Toyota, Assistant Underr-Secletaly for North Amelican Affairs. These are my correagues, Mr Sony and Mr Nakajima. Gleetings”.

    “Same ta youse” said Pretty Boy, crushing each of the Asiatic’s delicate hands in his own meaty paw. “Have a seat. Make yourselfs comfordable. Now – what can I do for youse fellas?”

    Mr Toyota cleared his throat. “It has to do with the matter of Okinawa” he said. “The Emperor of the Chrysanthemum Throne and his ministers have ristened with intelest and glowing concern to your lecent suggestions concerning the ‘re-deproyment’ of US forces to Japanese tellitoly”.

    “Jap territory?” said Pretty Boy. “I neva said nuthin’ aboud dat. I said Okinawa”.

    “The irland of Okinawa is Japanese tellitoly, Murtha-san. The 159 irlands, part of the Ryuku chain, form my countly’s southernmost Plefecture”.

    “Youse has godda be kiddin’! No way! It’s right here on da map”. Pretty Boy pointed to a spot on the inflatable plastic globe which adorned his desk.

    “Forgive me, Murtha-san. That is Belgium”.

    “Oh. Over here den”.



    “The mountain kingdom of Andorra”.



    “Oh. Okay, so what? Youse didn’t come here ta give me no geography lesson”.

    “You speak the stlaightfolward truth, Murtha-san, as is your wont. His Majesty is most concerned by your suggestions and their imprications for our countly. It is his plofound desire that some way may be found to ameriolate your ploposals”.


    “Change your mind, conglessman. His Majesty hopes that you may…”

    “I ged it, I ged it” said Pretty Boy. “But I’m warnin’ youse –changin’ my mind don’t come cheap”. The veteran lawmaker rubbed thumb and forefinger busily together.

    “We undelstand perfectry, Murtha-san. We are aware of your personar leputation for plobity, or the absence thereof; we have discussed you with our Middre Eastern correagues and I berieve we will be abre to successfurry addless your requilements”.

    “Youse ain’t cops, is youse?” demanded Pretty Boy. “Cause if youse is, and I axe you, youse’ve gotta say so straight. Dat’s da law!”

    “We are not ‘clops’, Murtha-san” said Mr Toyota. “You may quiet your mind on that point”.

    “No hidden mikes? No cameras? I almosd got stung once before like dat”.

    “No, Murtha-san. Prease; I assure you”.

    “Good. Okay. So whad’s up?”

    Mr Toyota spoke sharply in his own language and his two assistants silently donned sunglasses and placed dish clothes over their heads. They placed their gleaming briefcases on their knees, opened them –click click – and spun them around so that Pretty Boy could see the contents. His little red piggy eyes widened.


    Mr Toyota smiled. “Yerrs, Murtha-san –‘wow’ indeed. I tlust it wirr be possiberr to achieve a mutuary enabring concordance?”

    “Hey, I’ll say” said Murtha. “I’ll say. Now youse guys are talkin’ my langwitch”!

  4. Howard Roark says:

    As the worm turns…

  5. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    “It tells us that at long last the New York Times has given up on defeating the US military in Iraq.”

    Thus the Times and other media outlets will start their war against the US military in Afghanistan. A front they would have opend long ago if it were not for the Iraq war.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    Look at the poor kid……..
    “Don’t touch that meat hook kid, that’s the one he counts his unwashed money with. What a fat, disgusting chunk of EXmarine he turned out to be. I hope when his heart explodes, Chesty is waiting to toss whats left of him into the “Lake of Fire” !!

  7. artboyusa says:

    Sank you, Coronel-San. Your compriments are morst glatefurry received and acknowredged. “Muchos gracias”, as they say in your gleat nation of Americarr…and apologies to anyone who was offended by the coarse ethnic stereotyping used in some of the dialogue but, hey, dat’s really da way dat Jack tawks, youse know what I’m saying? Okay – nuff said. Ova and oud!

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