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Muslims Outraged At Poster Mocking Jesus

From those defenders of the faith at France's AFP:

Iraq Sadr City residents insulted by 'Buddy Jesus'

Sun Oct 1, 9:35 AM ET

BAGHDAD (AFP) – Iraqi Shiite residents of Baghdad's Sadr City have expressed anger on over a picture of a grinning Jesus they mistook for a Shiite holy figure that appeared in the area after a joint US-Iraqi operation.

Residents found a picture of "Buddy Jesus" from the 1999 film "Dogma" posted in the streets, accompanied by a badly photocopied pamphlet bearing a crude approximation of a US military crest and outlining a US "plan" to subjugate the neighborhood.

"That picture abuses our Imam Mahdi and his holy character, and mocks our sacred figures," said resident Abu Riyam Sunday, apparently mistaking the satirical movie still of Jesus for one of Shiite Islam's historical imams, whose images adopt a Jesus-like iconography.

The grinning, winking model of Buddy Jesus giving a thumbs-up sign appeared in the comedy film as a fictional attempt by the Catholic Church to present a kinder and more accessible image of Christianity.

"If it wasn't so serious it would be funny," said a coalition spokesman, Major Will Willhoite.

The pamphlets outlined a so-called plan to discredit the militias in the sprawling Baghdad slum of two million people, a stronghold of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

"Destabilize security in the militia areas with explosions and assassinations to create panic" and "killing, raping and kidnapping women" were all measures the pamphlet recommended to cause people to lose faith in the militias.

"Do not tell the suspect militias of these plans, but keep them among friendly forces," admonished the pamphlet…

For the record, here is a plot summary of Dogma, courtesy of a poster at IMDB:

Plot Summary for Dogma (1999)

Two mischievous angels who were laid off by God and are given the boot. Finding themselves banned to Wisconsin, they set out for New Jersey where they find a loophole that will allow them to re-enter heaven. The only problem is it will destroy humanity. An abortion clinic worker who is a relative of Christ, a wisecracking 13th apostle, a stripper/muse, and mischievous mall rats Jay and Silent Bob band together to stop them.

In fact it is so anti-Christian that even the "Paper Of Treason," the New York Times loved it:

There’s Devilment Afoot: 2 Fallen Angels Want Back In

October 4, 1999

Nothing could be more irrelevant to Kevin Smith’s audacious ”Dogma” than ticking off a list of its cheerful outrages against hidebound Roman Catholicism. Yes, Mr. Smith enjoys shock value, but this time he makes it mercilessly funny and places it in the context of an obviously devout, enlightened parable…

So a poster for a film that was intended to insult and outrage Christians ends up insulting and outraging Mohammedans who mistook Jesus for one of their Mahdis.

How perfectly ironic.

(Thanks to Oki for the heads up.)

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