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Iraqi President: US Keeps Others From Invading

From India's Zee News:

US presence keeps neighbours from invading Iraq: Talabani

Washington, Sept 27: Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said here that the US military presence in Iraq keeps neighbours from invading his country.

"The American presence has always prevented any kind of foreign invasion to Iraq," Talabani said yesterday.

"That's one of the main reasons why we think that we need an American presence, even symbolical, in the country to prevent our neighbours attacking us," he said at a forum at the Woodrow Wilson Centre, a Washington think thank.

Talabani also said Baghdad could not "further tolerate" neighbours' interference in its internal affairs.

"I think that our neighbours must understand that our patience is limited," he said, refusing to single out countries but adding "we mean all of them."

Iraq shares borders with Syria, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait…

Talabani also insisted that Iraq would not spiral down into civil war.

"There would be no civil war. We have problems, we have some kind of extremists who are fighting against each other. They are not representing the whole society," he said.

Funny, our one party media didn't exactly shout this statement from the rooftops.

Of course if it had been an America-hating pronouncement from the Taliban, that would have been a different story.

Why is that?

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