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Marines Accused Of Converting Muslims

From those defenders of the faith at Knight Ridder:

Iraqis: Marines Try to Convert Muslims

May 29, 2008

FALLUJAH, Iraq – At the western entrance to the Iraqi city of Fallujah on May 27, Muamar Anad handed his residence badge to the U.S. Marines guarding the city. They checked to be sure that he was a city resident, and when they were done, Anad said, a Marine slipped a coin out of his pocket and put it in his hand.

Out of fear, he accepted it, Anad said. When he was inside the city, the college student said, he looked at one side of the coin. “Where will you spend eternity?” it asked.

He flipped it over, and on the other side it read, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16.”

They are trying to convert us to Christianity,” said Anad, a Sunni Muslim like most residents of this city in Anbar province. At home, he told his story, and his relatives echoed their disapproval: They’d been given the coins, too, he said…

[R]esidents of the city are abuzz that some Americans whom they consider occupiers are also acting as Christian missionaries. Residents said some Marines at the western entrance to their city have been passing out the coins for two days in what they call a “humiliating” attempt to convert them to Christianity

The head of the Sunni endowment in Fallujah, the organization that oversees Sunni places of worship and other religious establishments, demanded that the Marines stop.

“We say to the occupiers to stop this,” said Sheikh Mohammed Amin Abdel Hadi. “This can cause strife between the Iraqis and especially between Muslim and Christians . . . . Please stop these things and leave our homes because we are Muslims and we live in our homes in peace with other religions.”

“Iraq is investigating a report that U.S. military personnel in Fallujah handed-out material that is religious and evangelical in nature,” said Rear Adm. Patrick Driscoll, a U.S. military spokesman, in a statement e-mailed to McClatchy Newspapers. “Local commanders are investigating since the military prohibits proselytizing any religion, faith or practices.”

In interviews, residents of Fallujah repeated two words – “humiliation” and “weakness”.

“Because we are weak this is happening,” said a shop owner who gave his name as Abu Abdullah. “Passing Christianity this way is disrespectful.”

“The occupier is repeatedly trespassing on God and his religion,” said Omar Delli, 23. “Now the occupier is planting seeds of strife between the Muslims and Christians. We demand the government in Fallujah have a new demonstration to let the occupier know that these things are humiliating Islam and the Quran.”

In Fallujah, Mohammed Jaber saw one of the coins and said he thought of the bullets lodged in the Quran, the torture of Iraqi men at the Abu Ghraib prison in 2004 and the rape of a 14-year-old girl and her murder and that of her family in Mahmoudiya.

“Now we have this missionary way by these coins,” he said. “We feel the Muslims are weak and we hope that we will reach a point when we are strong to let them know what is wrong and what is right.”

Gosh, this is horrible. And so “humiliating.”

Especially for those members of a faith that directs its followers to convert or kill any infidel they meet.

But do notice the absence of any real confirmation that Marines are actually passing out these dreadful coins. (I have yet to even see any photos of the hateful things.)

Wouldn’t this be a fairly easy propaganda trick for the local terrorists to accomplish?




From those champions of the faith at the Associated Press:

US soldier grounded for proselytising in Iraq

Friday, May 30, 2008

Baghdad: A US marine handed out coins promoting Christianity to Muslims in the former insurgent stronghold of Fallujah, outraged Sunni officials said Friday. The US military responded quickly, removing the American trooper from duty pending investigation

Photos of the coins, which were inscribed with phrases in Arabic, were widely distributed via cell phones in Fallujah and were seen by an Associated Press employee

Sheik Abdul-Rahman al-Zubaie, an influential tribal leader in the city, spoke of his outrage over the proselytizing by American forces and warned patience was running thin.

”This event did not happen by chance, but it was planned and done intentionally,” al-Zubaie said. ”The Sunni population cannot accept such a thing. I might not be able to control people’s reactions if such incidents keep happening.”

Sunni officials and residents said a Marine distributed about 10 coins at a checkpoint controlling access to the city, scene of one of the fiercest battles of the war. Al-Zubaie said a man brought one of the coins to a mosque on Wednesday to show it to him and other Sunni leaders.

He accused the Marines of trying to do missionary work in Fallujah and said Sunni leaders had met US military officials and demanded ”the harshest punishment” for those responsible to make sure it doesn’t happen again…

A statement, which did not identify the trooper or the branch of service, said the reports about the coin’s distribution were being investigated. The U.S. promised ”appropriate action” if the allegations are confirmed…

”Such deeds will not make Muslims trust American troops any more and might create a feeling of hatred among Muslims and Christians” at a time when they’re finally living in peace, he added…

Ah, so. One unidentified soldier is alleged to have handed out ten coins? 

What a scandal.

Moreover, how did this soldier come into the possession of such coins written in Arabic? 

”This event did not happen by chance, but it was planned and done intentionally,” al-Zubaie said.

At this point we are inclined to agree with Mr. al-Zubaie.

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