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IRS Has Spent $100M On Furniture Under Obama

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Obama’s IRS Spends Nearly $100 Million on Office Furniture

By Mary Lou Byrd | May 12, 2014

The IRS has spent $96.5 million on office furniture under the Obama administration and is now claiming it has insufficient funding to adequately serve taxpayers.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew testified before the House two weeks ago about the IRS’ need for additional funding for the upcoming fiscal year. The IRS is currently seeking an increase of $1.2 billion—a 7 percent raise over its FY 2014 $11.29 billion budget

A review of contracts by the Washington Free Beacon shows the IRS in the past five fiscal years has spent $96.5 million refurbishing IRS offices across the country… That amount already exceeds what the agency spent during the entire eight years under President George W. Bush, fiscal years 2002 through 2009…

Yeah, well it probably takes a lot of furniture to be able to enforce Obama-Care.

The first fiscal year budget for which President Obama was responsible was FY 2010 and it was a banner year—when the agency spent the most on new furniture. Records show $44.4 million was spent that year.

Naturally, Obama would want to reward his attack dogs at the IRS in 2010, since they were doing his bidding by targeting the Tea Party.

The Free Beacon found in a total of 3,777 contracts he IRS has purchased various types of furniture. The contracts include new chairs, showcases, partitions and shelving, and wood furniture…

And probably pillows.

The top three prime award contractors were Knoll, Herman Miller, and Haworth International. While some records did not give detailed information on the types of furniture purchased, the high-end retailers’ websites do give taxpayers a sampling of their products and costs.

Herman Miller has chairs that cost $1,209, and storage units that cost $1,749. Knoll’s chairs retail for $659. Another company awarded several contracts claims on its website it partners with “best interior products manufacturers” in the industry…

Herman Miller and Knoll are very ‘high end.’ They sell some of the most expensive designer chairs on the planet. Such as those from Eames, which go for a lot more than $1,209.  (Both MSNBC and CNN use Eames chairs on their sets.)

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