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IRS Lacks Receipts For Its Conference ‘Expenses’

Some serious irony via the Washington Examiner:

Audit: IRS lacks receipts for lavish conference expenses

By Paul Bedard | June 4, 2013

The Treasury Department’s audit of the Internal Revenue Service’s 225 employee conferences that cost taxpayers nearly $50 million might not be accurate or include all of the IRS expenses because the agency that daily demands records from taxpayers didn’t supply all the receipts sought by the investigators.

Remember how we were told by Reid and Pelosi and other top Democrats that the IRS scandals just prove that the IRS needs more funding. Why didn’t they use this $50 million dollars to do their jobs?

In the new audit, which details lavish spending for presidential hotel suites, expensive speakers and exorbitant payments for trinkets including travel mugs and clocks, the Treasury inspector general’s office said that it couldn’t stand by some of the figures in the report because IRS officials didn’t provide documentation.

In reviewing a costly 2010 IRS conference in Anaheim, Calif., that sparked the IG’s probe, the report said, "While IRS management provided documentation showing the total final costs at $4.1 million, we could not obtain reasonable assurance that this amount represents a full and accurate accounting of the conference costs. The IRS was unable to provide documentation to support all costs associated with the conference."

For example, while the IRS established a tracking code to chart employee spending, 188 workers ignored it and they spent about $245,000, according to the audit report. Plus, the IRS said it spent $50,187 on "videos" for the conference but didn’t cough up any documentation to back it up.

Try doing that the next time the IRS asked you for receipts.

The IRS has promised to do a better job tracking expenses in the future, but doesn’t face the fines that a taxpayer who ignores IRS demands for documentation would pay.

Again, try promising to do a better job in the future, if you get caught making claims without any receipts.

For the conference, the bulk of spending, $3.7 million, covered fancy lodging for IRS workers, but spending on trinkets and favors also added up. Among them: $1,165 for sticky notes; $1.534 for engraved travel mugs and clocks; $2,449 for journals; $4,500 for award plaques; $6,060 for lanyards and badges; $12,763 for folders; and $15,699 for brief bags.

Of course, the real scandal here is that this is what they do every day.

But don’t worry, heads are rolling.

From the Politico:

Daniel Werfel’s IRS discipline wins praise on Hill


Acting IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel is placing two officials — including a top staffer implementing the health care law — on administrative leave for violating government ethics rules at a 2010 conference.

“When I came to IRS, part of my job was to hold people accountable,” Werfel said in a statement Wednesday. “There was clearly inappropriate behavior in this situation and immediate action is needed.”

Werfel didn’t specify which staff members he disciplined but congressional sources tell POLITICO one official is Fred Schindler, the director of implementation oversight at the IRS Affordable Care Act office. The other is Donald Toda, a California-based employee.

The staffers received $1,100 in free food and other items at the conference, the sources said.

Wow. Two people are getting a paid vacation. And for what? Accepting $1,100 in free food and gifts at one of the IRS’s $50 million dollars worth of conferences? Yes, the Obama administration is really cracking down.

The disciplinary move comes ahead of a hearing House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) will hold Thursday on a report that the IRS spent about $49 million on conferences between 2010 and 2012. Werfel is slated to testify at that hearing…

Which is why these token moves were made. So Werfel can claim he is punishing the culprits.

Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the Oversight committee, said Werfel is taking “aggressive action.” “If you had some bad apples in the barrel, you have to remove them,” Cummings said…

Right. Thank God these two lower level rogue staffers are being disciplined.

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One Response to “IRS Lacks Receipts For Its Conference ‘Expenses’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Oh my … that is some seriously irony, right there

    (lash them with the tax code. 100 whacks for each supervisor and 20 each for minions)

    And I mean the entirety of Title 26, by God

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