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IRS Pays 200+ To Do Full-Time Labor Union Work

From National Review:

IRS Paying Over 200 Employees to Work Full-Time For Labor Union

By Eliana Johnson | July 8, 2013

The Internal Revenue Service pays over 200 full-time employees not to conduct audits or process tax returns but to work for a federal employees’ union, according to documents released by the agency in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by the advocacy group Americans for Limited Government. Forty-three of those employees are earning six-figure salaries, the documents show.

Lest we forget, Democrats from Harry Reid to Nancy Pelosi have said the Tea Party tax exemptions applications were only delayed because of a lack of manpower at the IRS. Which just proved that IRS needed more funding so they can hire more workers.

And yet the IRS has the money to pay more than 200 employees to do union work fulltime.

Oddly, the employees working for the National Treasury Employees Union have titles that suggest they perform work in behalf of the American taxpayer, among them “Tax Examining Technician,” “Internal Revenue Agent,” and “Tax Specialist.”

Known as “official time,” the practice is perfectly legal as a result of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978. It continues even as the IRS faces financial woes — due to the sequester, the agency has been forced to close its doors on five days and has also requested more money for its operating budget from Congress.

And yet it is supposed to be against the law for federal employees to work on political campaigns. (The Hatch Act.)

Also, as we have previously reported, the union here is the National Treasury Employees Union, which gives 95% of its political donations to Democrat candidates and the Democrat Party. In fact, the NTEU gives to the most vehemently anti-Tea Party Democrat candidates.

So how is this not political activity?

This is not sitting right with two Republican senators, who sent a letter to the IRS’s acting administrator, Danny Werfel, requesting more information on the practice, including how employee performance is evaluated.

“While the IRS continues to request more funding to further close the more than 14.5 percent tax gap, especially under the current budget crunch and sequestration, it makes little sense to use taxpayer resources to pay for union work,” Tom Coburn and Phil Gingrey wrote Werfel, whom President Obama appointed to head the agency in mid May after disclosures that it had targeted tea-party groups. “This kind of practice takes place only in the government — in the private sector, union work and staff are paid for by union dues,” the senators said.

But that might cut into the amount of union dues that get kicked back to the Democrat Party. And we can’t have that.

But this shows why public sector unions are so dear to the Democrat Party. And vice versa.

Gingrey is also trying to put an end to “official time” altogether by repealing the portion of the 1978 law that allows it, but his bill, introduced in January, remains in committee…

How many other government rules are there that we don’t know about?

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One Response to “IRS Pays 200+ To Do Full-Time Labor Union Work”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    I’ve always said that there are two sets of laws in play here.
    Go ahead and book my room in jail now. I’m not playing.
    They can all go to hell holding a fellow union members hand on the way.
    There now ……….. reservation is made.

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