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IRS Probed Problem Year Ago, No Written Report

From the Washington Post:

Internal IRS probe cited same problems with approach to conservative groups in May 2012, House aide says

By Juliet Eilperin | May 21, 2013

An Internal Revenue Service review of the agency’s approach of scrutinizing conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status questioned the now-controversial policy a year ago, according to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee spokesman Ali Ahmad…

In late March 2012, IRS deputy commissioner Steven Miller… directed senior technical advisor Nancy J. Marks to investigate allegations of political targeting of groups seeking tax exempt status, agency officials told congressional aides. Holly Paz, acting director of ruling and agreements, worked with Marks on the probe, and both traveled to Cincinnati to conduct interviews.

On May 3, 2012. Marks gave what IRS officials described as a “presentation” to Miller describing her findings.

That means an ‘oral presentation.’ 

Marks said the investigation had found significant problems in the review process and a substantial bias against conservative group, Ahmad said. No written findings were produced as a result, the aide said —

They found "significant problems," and "a substantial bias," and yet nothing was put in writing so there would be no paper record.

[A]nd it does not appear the internal review led to any disciplinary actions against IRS employees…

And nobody was discipline. All of which sounds like a classic cover up. 

After all, just imagine what effect this news coming out would have had in May 2012, just as the Presidential campaign was really heating up. All of those conservatives voters who stayed home might have actually turned out.

Meanwhile, we have this ludicrous article from the New York Times:

A Sleeper Scandal Awakens for Obama, Post-Election

By MICHAEL D. SHEAR | May 21, 2013

WASHINGTON — The allegations had all the makings of a perfect election-year scandal that might threaten President Obama’s chances for a second term and re-energize a listless Tea Party movement: an activist president, running an overbearing government, treating conservative groups unfairly by wielding the federal taxing power to undermine his adversaries.

But a year ago, when the current Internal Revenue Service scandal that has swirled around Mr. Obama first emerged, Washington — and, apparently, the White House — shrugged.

This was only a ‘sleeper scandal’ because the White House and the news media wanted it so. This is the problem with having the news media in bed with the government.

It was March 2012 and Tea Party groups around the country had been complaining for months of what they called an I.R.S. conspiracy to delay and disrupt their efforts to obtain tax-free status. A few Republicans in Congress expressed concern, sent letters to I.R.S. officials and scheduled a hearing.

Reporters wrote a handful of articles about the Tea Party allegations… [But] for a White House typically equipped with well-honed political radar designed to sniff out and derail conservative conspiracy theories about Mr. Obama, the potentially damaging events at the I.R.S. seemed to pass with little notice…

We are supposed to believe the White House would have brought this up, if only they had known about it.

Perhaps those who live in the nation’s capital can be excused for missing the potential import of the I.R.S. allegations because of everything else that was going on…

In the same week, Rush Limbaugh, the conservative icon and radio host, called a Georgetown University law student, Sandra Fluke, a “slut” for her comments about the availability of birth control. The fallout from that consumed Washington, and Mr. Obama eventually called Ms. Fluke…

You see? It was all Rush Limbaugh’s fault that our watchdog media missed the IRS scandal back before the elections. When its uncovering might have hurt Obama’s re-election. They would have jumped on the story, but they were too busy reporting on Mr. Limbaugh’s joke about a Democrat operative.

To others in the city’s political establishment, the Tea Party’s complaints seemed like conspiracy theories from the fringe…

That, is they were all coming from kooks, anyway. And our news media never listen to the complaints from kooks.

As The Huffington Post yawned in one of its only stories on the issue in March 2012: “Over the years, the I.R.S. has periodically been accused of political vendettas by liberals and conservatives alike, usually without merit, tax experts say.”

You see? The Huffington Post is the "city’s political establishment." The Tea Party are the lunatic fringe.

By contrast, the recent admission by I.R.S. officials that they did, in fact, target conservative groups has pushed the story into the scandal stratosphere. Republicans are now giving the hearings prime-time style billing. And the White House is fully engaged…

So, to sum up, it’s all Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party’s fault that the IRS scandal was not investigated before the elections. It certainty wasn’t the fault of the news media.

Of course, some might wonder if the mainstream media didn’t studiously ignore the IRS scandal in order to protect Obama’s re-election. But The Times is determined to nip any such crazy notion in the bud.

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