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Is Boehner Ready For 2 Minutes Of Hate?

From the Politico:

Is John Boehner ready for prime time?

By: Jonathan Allen and Jake Sherman
September 15, 2010

Democrats are desperately looking for a scary GOP face this year, but they are instead stuck pumping up the profile of the most generic Republican of them all, House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio.

He drinks (a bit), smokes (a lot), hits the links at country clubs all over the country and socializes with lobbyists.

We thought this was going to be a hit piece on Mr. Boehner, not Mr. Obama.

One House Democratic leadership aide called his look “‘Mad Men’ retro” — a reference to AMC’s hit television show about a 1960s advertising agency — making Boehner “easy to make fun of.”

Last we heard, ‘Mad Men’ was wildly popular.

In 20 years in the House, much of it in leadership positions, the Ohio Republican has never faced such a sustained audit of his capabilities and his personal habits, and some are now asking whether he’s ready for “prime time.”

And by “some” the Politico means the media’s Democrat masters are now asking.

By the way, where were the articles back in 2006 asking if Nancy Pelosi was “ready for prime time”? Of course there were none. And look how she has turned out.

The White House has developed something of a Boehner fetish of late — piggybacking on media scrutiny of the would-be speaker to remind people of old controversies, including his handing out campaign checks on the House floor.

What a laugh. This ‘crime against humanity’ allegedly occurred in June 1995, which is fifteen (15) years ago. What was Mr. Obama up to 15 years ago? Oh, that’s right, he was cashing checks from William Ayres at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge project.

Besides, we suspect it is one of the lesser sins to have ever transpired on the House floor.

They’ve seized on more recent Boehner flubs, such as his comparison of the new Wall Street reform law to targeting an ant with a nuclear weapon.

The outrage!

And Democrats pounced on Boehner’s tax comments on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Press secretary Robert Gibbs even tweeted about Boehner’s perma-tan.

As a perma-pasty doughboy like Mr. Gibbs would.

At the very least, the strategy unifies Democrats against a common enemy at a time when the pressure of dim electoral hopes increasingly threatens to tear them apart…

Apparently the strategy of blaming Mr. Bush is getting a little long in the tooth. Besides, the Bush administration is looking more and more like ‘the good old days.’

The Democratic National Committee also released an ad this week tying Boehner to lobbyists — a group he openly courts but from whom he raises less money than many other politicians do

All based on an article from the DNC’s New York Times that somehow neglected to mention the minor detail that Nancy Pelosi has pocketed nearly twice as much lobbyist cash as John Boehner has. (Which, to its credit, the Politico acknowledges in passing.)

As Timothy Carney of the Washington Examiner points out: 

[A]t least 18 House Democrats have raised more lobbyist cash this election cycle than Boehner has…

Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid have pocketed more lobbyist cash in the past 18 months than Boehner has raised in the past 6 elections combined.

[F]rom 1999 until today, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Boehner has raised $299,490 from lobbyists. For comparison, Harry Reid, Blanche Lincoln, and Chuck Schumer have each raised more money from lobbyists in this cycle alone.

[In t]his election cycle, Boehner is not even in the top 20 recipients of lobbyist cash. He’s raised less than $40,000 from lobbyists this cycle — compared to Nancy Pelosi’s $71,000 from lobbyists.

And never mind that according to the Washington Post, lobbyists currently give 3/4rds of their money to Democrats.

We all must hate John Boehner now. The White House and the Democrats insist and their minions in the media insist.

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13 Responses to “Is Boehner Ready For 2 Minutes Of Hate?”

  1. untrainable says:

    Keep swingin’ dems. Boehner’s name is also hard to spell…
    And the perma-tan, the smoking, and the drinking just means that he’ll be paying more taxes that will benefit the poor unfortunate children than any of the pasty faced, kool-aid drinking, smokophobic weasels in Washington.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And if he buys a yacht….look out. The newsies will be all over him like wet on water. ‘Specially if he buys one not made in the U.S.

  2. artboyusa says:

    Well, I can’t stand him, never could. Anyone who wants to take a shot at this oddly hued, weirdly coiffed, careerist mediocrity will have to get in line behind me.

  3. rakkasan says:

    I have never even heard of Boehner until last week. I don’t really know much about him. Last week I started seeing his name everywhere, and people making fun of his tan – on Facebook, comments sections, television, etc. Looks like the Democrats got their talking points and that is the best they could come up with. Really lame. I don’t know how much trouble Democrats are in – no one will really know until the evening of the election – but by the thrashing around it looks like it will be big.

    Artboyusa – “careerist mediocrity”? That sounds a lot like our President. Obama is bored with this job – he never really held down a job long enough to make an impact. I bet he hates that he has to sit around for four *whole* years.

  4. proreason says:

    There is one potential outcome in November that is truly suicide worthy.

    What if Reid loses but the Dimocrats retain control of the Senate? In that quite likely case, little Chuckie Schumer could become Senate majority leader and be on TV around the clock.

    Obamy is bad enough. Pelosi was intolerable, but you can laugh off people that act like junior high schoolers.

    Schumer can raise a person’s blood pressure 20 points just at a glance. He’s a bride of Chuckie junior high-schooler.

    Suicide will look like a viable option if he gets in.

  5. jimreport says:

    Happening behind the scenes at Kos:
    He belongs to a country club? Cha! Ching! And did said country club ever prohibit black? Oh, don’t even tell me, save it for the circle jerk. I’m coming over.

  6. wardmama4 says:

    The only reason that the Dems are going after Boehner (usually fiscally conservative – socially so-so, but he did vote for TARP & No Child Left Behind) is that in Jan – he will (probably) become the House Majority Leader – and they want everyone (i.e. Dems) to believe that he is a two-faced vile & shallow person – which is hilarious – considering Botox SanFranGranNan and John ‘I served in Vietnam’ Kerry and of course – well probably 90% of the Dems make Boehner look stellar.

    This guys in DC have to have fake tans – they are now so busy hiding from their constituents it is the only way for them to not be pasty white – sort of like the Pillsbury Doughboy Gibbs.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

  7. GetBackJack says:

    Under my meat-space name, I was subjected to the Two-Minutes of Hate back in 1989. Cost me $63 million in the end. The details are worthy of a book, but not here. Suffice to say I and my posse figured out a viable insurance product to indemnify the victims of HIV; we were underwritten and reinsured by the world’s biggest and had dozens of signed Agreements in place for marketing and authoritative genuflection … and it was cheap. Of all the risk factors I took into account the largest and most potent had never occurred to me …. whose political rice bowl would I be kicking over? That a political figure would go nuclear on me for bringing a private sector answer to a public health crisis never occurred to me.

    What a brutal lesson.

    A young man from Arkansas was running for President after he said he wouldn’t, and he and his wife ran on two main points; the economy and the future crippling costs of caring for AIDs patients which would bankrupt us all.

    And there I stood with a private sector answer; well funded, doubly reinsured, gold plated actuarials, you name it. Great Board. Everything in place. But this young man’s political team saw me as a threat to The Plan to Nationalize health care and so I spent a week reading amazingly acidic and acrid pieces about myself and my plans on the front pages of the usual suspects. My backers disappeared and I became a pariah holding the bag for everything spent to date to get to that point.

    Ain’t fun to answer the phone at 3am and find a reporter on the other end who asks the “Have you stopped beating your wife” question and then prints the very real reply “WTF?”

    The game of personal demonization is not any fun on the receiving end.

    • wardmama4 says:

      I am very sorry for what you have gone through. Your post is exactly what is wrong with America today (as is the story in this section) – making a personal attack against someone offering a different thought, a different view, a different tack in taking on the solutions, problems and situations in America. It is what has made America great and kept her as the beacon for the whole world.

      And it puts to lie – the ‘claim’ that Clinton & Obama want, desire, or even will tolerate dissent, discussion, debate or a different idea or point of view.

      They are intent on destroying America, tearing it apart limb from limb and remaking it in their vision of what it should be – and I must ask – Who died and made you God? And why you – why not my idea of what is right for America?

      What has been for the majority of the previous 232 years – has proven to work to make America great – and to attempt to tear it apart for ‘implied’ grievances is stupid, dangerous and wrong. [For those out there who can’t read anything beyond Daily Kos and whose goal in HS was to be ‘liked’ – every country in the world has conquered and was conquered, as was every people, race, ethnic group or whatever you are calling them today – read a history book – no one is ‘special’ in historical terms, no one more maligned than any other.]

      And to attack those citizens and politicians (see Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, Rush Limbaugh et al) for simply doing what the 1st Amendment guarantees and what has made America great – seeing a problem and offering the most logical, insightful and sensible (possibly least costly too) way to the solution is so anti-American it should be illegal (oh, wait, I believe it is).

      Damn them to hell – I am just appalled that more Americans are not screaming for Impeachment, Repeal, Removal, Term Limits, Repeal the 16th Amendment and forcing these ‘Ruling Class elitists’ to live under the same laws we do. . .That is the current shame of the American ‘Country Class citizens’. And that they are making America an US v Them – is also so very, very wrong and anti-American.

      God Help America
      A Proud American Infidel

  8. canary says:

    Obama smokes & drinks alot. And Obama just got a major hair die. Guess his going grey phase did not make him look more older and wiser.

  9. Reality Bytes says:

    Uh Senator? There’s your ball, sir. Try not to miss the important stuff OK?

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