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Cloy Richards Another Fake Anti-War Veteran?

In case you don’t recognize the name, Cloy Richards is the son of Tina Richards, the anti-war activist who famously accosted Rep. David Obey outside his offices last week.

Ms. Richards claims her son is a Corporal in the US Marines, who has been driven to the brink of suicide because of his military service in the war in Iraq.

Here is the purported Corporal Richards giving a speech for the Iraq Veterans Against the War, courtesy of YouTube:

U.S. Marine Cloy Richards – Iraq Veterans Against the War

U.S. Marine Cloy Richards Member of Iraq Veterans Against the War is about to be sent off to war in Iraq for a third time. On September 21st 2006 at the Union Ave. Christian Church in St. Louis MO he spoke about why he may refuse to go back.

And here is Corporal Richards at last weekend’s rally for terrorism on the Mall in Washington DC:

[Reuters caption:] Saluting is US Marine Cpl. Cloy Richards (2nd L) of the group Iraq Veterans Against the War.

[Reuters caption:] U.S. Marine Cpl. Cloy Richards (R) comforts Fran Middleberg, whose son is in the Army, after a news conference marking the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in Washington March 19, 2007.

Several posters at S&L with access to military records claim to have searched for the name "Cloy Richards" and found no record of anyone currently or recently having served in the military under that name.

Far be it for us to question the military service of anyone, especially in time of war. But both the Iraq Veterans Against The War and Veterans For Peace have a long and checkered record of producing Iraq veterans whose actual service does not meet their claims. (Cf. Jesse MacBeth, among several others.)

So it is our unfortunate duty to wonder if Mr. Richards is indeed what he and his mother claim he is.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, March 19th, 2007. Comments are currently closed.

12 Responses to “Cloy Richards Another Fake Anti-War Veteran?”

  1. mindyj1 says:

    YOu guys are really stupid. You apparently have no access whatsoever to any kind of military documents if you can not find Cloy Richards. To anyone who wants to know the truth. Cloy Richards is the head of my household and the father of my children. On my wall I proudly hang the achievements that Cloy has recieved, In a box are the medals and honors he has earned, and hanging in our closet are the uniforms in which he wore. He served his country proudly. IVAW is also another way to serve his country by standing up for what is right and wrong. It is a shame that a man can not stand up for what is right without someone trying to take away from him what he has earned. He humbly and proudly served his country, what have you done besides try to strip him of that and be ungrateful for his service? Nothing you say will ever change facts.

    • catie says:

      Sure Mindy, whatever you say. You know Mindy from Kos and the pukes who hate the people that honorably serve and don’t complain, you can buy surplus uniforms at any surplus store and there have been plenty of fake “Medal of Honor” winners with those awards around their neck and on their walls as well.
      Is he your husband or your shack up? No one uses the term “head of household” unless they are filling out forms. That’s a wee bit suspicious.
      For those of us who really served and for those of us who have sent our spouses off multiple times during our marriages (including the wars of Bosnia and Kosovo), I am really sick and tired of the constant put downs by the IVAW of people like myself and my husband.
      I bet you thought Jesse McBeth (another of your comrades from IVAW) was too legit to quit as well.

    • proreason says:

      Isn’t it a crime to impersonate being in the military?

      Since mindyj1 is in a household “headed” by a Marine Corporal, she should easily be able to demonstrate that he is currently serving or was serving when the picture was taken. Send the site owner copies of Cloy’s military records. The owner’s email id is on the site.

      No problem, right mindy?

    • pdsand says:

      I know back in about 2003-2004 there was a navy Captain who got six months in the brig at Miramar for wearing medals he didn’t earn. He had been a combat medic in Vietnam, but wasn’t highly decorated. He started wearing medals on his own for years to reflect what he felt was deserved, and eventually a high ranking Marine saw him, asked his story, and was so impressed he made him an honorary Marine. It just so happened that also being made honorary Marine that day was an FBI agent who had a hobby of spotting and investigating people for wearing phony medals. Of course at the time the problem was that the officer had derived personal gain from wearing unauthorized medals, and it was only a crime under the UCMJ.
      Apparently as of December 2006 there is a federal law against anyone wearing military medals, ribbons or badges that aren’t authorized, and in the picture the fellow is wearing a little rack.

    • catie says:

      PS, remember in the late 90’s, Admiral Borda (sp?) was caught wearing a “V” on a few of his ribbons and then committed suicide. He had risen from an E-1 to the highest ranking Naval Officer in his career and yet he felt like he had to be a faker as well.
      I really have zero and I mean zero respect for that IVAW group. To me they are no better than Kerry and his merry band of malcontents. I doubt seriously this Mindy person is legit either.

    • pdsand says:

      I saw them one time. I was in Biloxi, MS volunteering to clean the beach up after the hurricane, and it just so happened that the IVAW was marching along the beach through Biloxi to God knows where to protest the response to Katrina. The leader of that group, I forget his name, was wearing his desert BDUs, and there was a little ragtag following of perhaps 20. They were banging drums and carrying signs and whatnot, I thought it was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen. You’re right, catie, I have zero respect for them as well.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      “Nothing you say will ever change facts.” Ok uh Mindy….as though somehow your anonymous post with nothing to back it up makes it fact? Just send those “facts” post haste….and some of us do indeed have access to Military records, and so far your boy Cloy hasnt shown up…unless he is using an assumed name now as your “head of household d’Jour….

      Honorable people who served this Country post here….and have exposed every one of the fakes the pseudo “vet” groups have bussed to their protests…so either come up with the goods, or shut yer trap.

    • Odie44 says:

      Mindy –

      You are a fraud, as is your dopey “head of household”.

      “On my wall I proudly hang his achievements” – which ones? Anyone worth a grain of salt would list said achievements, but we kow if you made them up – its easy to verify actual awards.

      “In a box are the medals and honors he has earned” – well, which one is it. Are they in a box or hanging on the wall? Note to your dumb self – they don’t give duplicates or multiple medals and honors. You earn 1.

      “Hanging in teh closet are the uniforms he wore” – Got a pic? Would love to see what patches and unit he was in. Again, all easily verified.

      I love your IVAW “is another way to serve the country”. See dummy – you emphasize this caveat too much in your “claim”, in fact the thrust of your post resides in explaining what we already know and detest – your “head of household” is a fraud and marches with the likes of IVAW.

      Here’s a tip for you – don’t come to a blog and think you are anonymous. And be careful of the implications of carrying this fraud out – I hope you aren’t getting illegal gov subsidies by claiming your genetic defects, i.e. children – through the military for benefits, etc.

  2. ptat says:

    WAIT A MINUTE! Cloy Richards is the head of my household and the father of MY children,too. What’s going on here?! I, too, have a box of medals, ribbons, toy soldiers, POGS and crayon paintings somewhere in this mess. And my closets are STUFFED with uniforms, mostly fast food joints and bowling teams, but still, he served his country proudly! You stupid morons.

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    BFD, Mindy……….Real “MARINES” don’t down fellow brother Marines, whatever the cause!!
    And if he is who he claims to be……….I stack his sorry ass next to the DISHONORABLE “MUTHA” Murtha.

    Soooo Cindy….ah, Mindy…..what is it that you can’t provide for your dud that he has to run to the open arms of his “MOMMY?”

    Don’t look for a crying rag here……you’ll only find people of “HONOR” with no pitty patty for you or your mommas boy.

  4. wardmama4 says:

    Fake soldiers occur every day – we ran across one while helping a real disabled Korean veteran just get his VA care, on and on about his ‘Vietnam’ experience. It was a great story, it was true – it just wasn’t him at all.

    I too liked the ‘head of household’ – makes one wonder exactly how many governmental forms you’ve filled out – and your actual relationship status.

    As pointed out – uniforms, medals and pictures can be had. And all from PVT to General can fake it for whatever reason.

    I’d take it as a compliment to the service my husband (and ex-husband), father, son, son-in-law, nephews (3), brother, brother-in-law, cousin, Uncle (KIA WWII), Uncle, Grandfathers (2) gladly gave – except for the fact that it isn’t done to help them, encourage them or support them – usually (most especially these days) it is done to demean them, to lie about them and to hurt them and their families.

    In 29 years – you know what the most moving moment was for me – when a young OIF Veteran said – We get Thank Yous all the time, but you wives and mothers rarely do, let me shake your hand and say Thank You – I almost cried.

    That is what a real Veteran is about – not whining behind mommies skirt.

  5. Kilmeny says:

    I too liked the ‘head of household’ – makes one wonder exactly how many governmental forms you’ve filled out – and your actual relationship status.

    First thing that crossed my mind too. I suspect that if Mindy is a real person at all (which I doubt) that she’s just as gullible about her “head of household”‘s military status as she was when those children were conceived.

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