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Is Hillary Now Planting Her ‘People Of Color’?

Notice the highlighted gentleman with the red boxing gloves behind Mrs. Clinton during her “victory speech” in West Virginia this evening:

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Now harken back to her “victory speech” in Indiana, one week earlier and a very similar young gentleman also outfitted with red boxing gloves:

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And low and behold, it would appear that this very same gentleman, complete with boxing gloves, was also on the stage in his usual spot behind Mrs. Clinton during her “victory speech” in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago:

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He sure gets around.

But of course Mrs. Clinton is nothing if not calculating.

Alas, it turns out that is all she is.

(Thanks to eagle-eyed S&L correspondent Eddie A for the heads up.)


In typical fashion, CNN has picked up our story without proper attribution:

Naturally Ms. Moos credits her comrades at the loathsome Democrat Underground with the discovery rather than us here at S&L.

She also seems to believe that Mr. Batista pays his own way across country. And that he just happens to get a prime spot behind Hillary during her nationally broadcast “victory speeches.”

All in all, some stellar journalism from Ms. Moos.

(Thanks to Greybeard for the CNN heads up.)

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