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Charity Lifts Katrina Supplies From Robertson

It sounds like the 501c3 “charity” Plenty International is stealing Katrina relief supplies that were collected by Pat Robertson’s organization, Operation Blessing.

At least according to Peter Schweitzer, the head of Plenty International:

VFP member Gordon Soderberg is seen third from the left.

Plenty One Year Report Form Gulf Coast

Submitted by Gordon [Soderberg] on Fri, 09/08/2006

By Peter Schweitzer, ED, Penty Interantional (http://www.plenty.org)Dear All,

I have just returned from the Gulf and can verify all the horror stories we have been hearing from our volunteers and seeing in the media. Whole neighborhoods are reduced to rubble. Block after block after block, in New Orleans and towns like Pass Christian along the coast of Mississippi sit empty. Hundreds of thousands of people have not returned–have nothing to return to but empty promises, bulldozers, corrupt insurance companies and do-nothing government sub-committees who can’t seem to decide what to do. The Federal Government is AWOL. Empty FEMA trailers sit in parking lots behind guarded gates. Residents of New Orleans have been given until August 29 to have their homes mucked out and gutted or they will be bulldozed.

Pat Robertson is reported to be sitting on $70 million of Katrina funding. Billions of dollars more are apparently “waiting for the plan.” We visited the Pat Robertson warehouse that filled with food, medical supplies and tools and other equipment. Thanks to Elaine’s friend Nancy who finagled the okay from a Pat Robertson supervisor and a sympathetic guard we were able to liberate a sizable amount of food and some nice power tools late one night. Most of the food went to “A Walk in the Park” distribution center run by our friend Eleanor Jones. Eleanor was wearing her Plenty t-shirt when we arrived. The food we brought, about a cargo van full, will all be gone by Saturday when Eleanor plans to close the center and concentrate on raising funds to build a permanent distribution center and hurricane shelter next to her current tent facility. Eleanor gave me a video hug for Elaine…

150 young volunteers still labor daily mucking and gutting houses in and around the 9th Ward for Common Ground. CG also has a new clinic opening in the 9th thanks to a team of volunteer carpenters from Wisconsin who came and built it in 10 days!

A United Peace Relief clinic is still operating out of a tent in Pass Christian and the young medical volunteer, Craig, says he sometimes gets as many as 40 patients in a day, but he has almost no meds. He gave Nancy a list that she will try to fill from the Pat Robertson clinic where she works

The Bayou Liberty Relief camp is located on 27 acres (17 wetland and bayou and 10 dry land) in Slidell, LA just outside New Orleans. The land is owned by a hip dentist named Kevin Curley (sp) who donated the land after meeting Niki Wilson back in January. Niki is an LPN from Norman, OK who felt compelled to come and help way back in Sept. when we first got involved. Niki worked with the Red Cross and then with the Veterans for peace out of the original shelter and then volunteer camp in Covington, LA.

We need to raise money. Niki and Bayou Liberty Relief have the funds to be able to continue supporting the basic camp costs over the next, I would guess, at least 6 months. Plenty’s minimal budget for continuing to operate in the Gulf is about $4,000/month. Over the past 11 months more than $100,000 came into Plenty for Katrina/Rita projects which was largely spent on transporting volunteers to the Gulf and food and medical supplies distribution, and some emergency roof repairs and helping the Biloxi Chitimacha over in Duloc and helping Common Ground get started

– Peter

Plenty International
PO Box 394
Summertown, TN 38483
(931) 964-4323 or 964-4864

It sure sounds like some of these people are back to their old tricks.

Regular readers will recall that Plenty partnered with the Veterans For Peace in their seemingly fraudulent Katrina relief efforts last year. (According to their own admissions, almost none of the tens of thousands of dollars the VFP raised went to Katrina relief.)

During that time the members of the VFP repeatedly bragged about absconding with Red Cross supplies which they then distributed as their own.

Also, bear in mind there was a nurse questioned last year for the theft of medical supplies from the Covington Red Cross.

Note that Plenty is also in cahoots with that other scam artist, pretend Muslim and ex-con, Malik Rahim of “Common Ground.”

It should also be noted that Gordon Soderberg was recently cashiered from the ranks of the VFP. Though he seems to be still wearing their uniform.

In fact, this article was posted on Soderberg’s latest racket web site, New Orleans Voices For Peace.

(Thanks to JohnX for the heads up.)

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