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Reuters Trying To Appease Moslem Terrorists?

Records of several photographs from Saudi-owned Reuters appear to indicate that they were made off-limits to Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

This seems to be one of the earliest one extant that bears the Reuters caption: "DENMARK OUT SWEDEN OUT NORWAY OUT NO THIRD PARTY SALES."

Danish imams (L-R) Raed Hlayhel, Ahmed Akkari, Abu Bachar and Abu Laban arrive at Copenhagen Airport March 25 2006 after attending an Islamic conference in Bahrain. Danish police will launch an investigation into allegations that an imam at the centre of the Prophet Mohammad cartoon row issued death threats against a moderate Muslim politician, a spokesman said on Thursday. A French TV documentary crew secretly filmed Akkari threatening to have Naser Khader — a founder of Denmark’s Democratic Muslims network, which opposes violent protests over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad — bombed. DENMARK OUT SWEDEN OUT NORWAY OUT NO THIRD PARTY SALES REUTERS/SCANPIX, stf

Many of these photos seem to have been disappeared from the internet and now only available via Google cache — if at all.

Given the timing of this caption, which was near the height of the Moslem hysteria over the Danish publication of some Mohammad cartoon, is it possible that Reuters was retaliating against Denmark and its neighbors?

And is it still doing so?

Perhaps there is a more innocent explanation. But it sure is a weird coincidence.

(Thanks to reader Fluffy for the heads up.)

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