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Is Sharyl Attkisson Being Punished By CBS News?

From the Politico:

The Post’s Sharyl Attkisson piece

By DYLAN BYERS | May 8, 2013

… CBS News has grown increasingly frustrated with Attkisson’s Benghazi campaign. CBS News executives see Attkisson wading dangerously close to advocacy on the issue, network sources have told POLITICO. Attkisson can’t get some of her stories on the air, and is thus left feeling marginalized and underutilized. That, in part, is why Attkisson is in talks to leave CBS ahead of contract, as POLITICO reported in April…

The "internal conflicts" are indeed real — Attkisson is still eyeing an exit, according to sources…

Of course, the problem is Attkisson is "wading dangerously close" to real journalism. In any case, it’s clear that CBS, like the rest of our one party news media, will tolerate any amount of advocacy, as long as it’s advocacy for the Democrat agenda.

But, lest we forget, Ms. Attkisson has faced retaliations before. During the time she was reporting on Fast & Furious, Attkisson said she was called by the Department of Justice spokeswoman, Tracy Schmaler, who "was just yelling at me." She also says the White House spokesman, Eric Schultz, called her and "literally screamed at me and cussed at me."

Here is some more follow-up on this, from NewsBusters:

Sharyl ‘Benghazi Campaign’ Attkisson Hadn’t Reported About the Attack On the Air in Over 5 Months

By Matthew Balan | May 08, 2013

CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson is apparently viewed by network executives as "wading dangerously close to advocacy" in her coverage of the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, as Politico’s Dylan Byers asserted in a Wednesday item. Byers reported that "Attkisson can’t get some of her stories on the air, and is thus left feeling marginalized and underutilized."

Attkisson’s minute-long report about the House Oversight Committee’s latest hearing on the attack on Wednesday’s CBS This Morning was actually the first time since November 23, 2012 that the journalist reported about the story on air, according a search on Nexis.

During this gap of over five months, the CBS investigative journalist did appear on her network’s morning and evening newscasts, but she was assigned to cover other stories. Attkisson filed reports on the congressional investigation into the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; border security; the confirmation hearings for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel; the safety problems with Boeing 787 batteries; the controversial proposal to allow knives back on airliners; and the budget sequestration and its effects.

However, the correspondent was also assigned to report on miscellaneous lower profile issues, including the high price of American-made kitchen furnishings; privacy concerns with smartphone apps; federal regulation of passenger buses; and a lawsuit against several overseas banks by the victims of terrorist attacks…

You know CBS is in the tank for Obama when it is willing to censor its own reporters. But this could be even more incestuous than usual. Given that the current President of CBS News, David Rhodes, just happens to be the brother of Ben Rhodes, who is a top advisor and speech writer for Obama.

In fact, Ben Rhodes specializes in foreign policy, and especially the Middle East. Rhodes has been Obama’s foreign policy speechwriter since 2007. Rhodes even wrote Obama’s 2009 ‘Cairo Speech.’

Moreover, Ben Rhodes also was also a key advisor during the Arab Spring. In fact, Rhodes advised Obama to withdraw support for Hosni Mubarak. — And Rhodes was also a big supporter on the US aiding the Libyan rebels. In fact, he is the person who described the our military involvement in Libya as "kinetic military action."

Still, is it too soon to start printing the ‘Free Sharyl Attkisson!’ bumper stickers?

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    Do Not Pull Back The Curtain
    Do Not Pull Back The Curtain
    Do Not Pull Back The Curtain
    Do Not Pull Back The Curtain
    Do Not Pull Back The Curtain

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