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ISIS Has/Hasn’t Taken Control Of Iraq’s Largest Refinery

From the Associated Press:

Militants fly their black flags over Iraq refinery


BAGHDAD (AP) — Sunni militants hung their black banners on watch towers at Iraq’s largest oil refinery, a witness said Thursday, suggesting the vital facility had fallen to the insurgents who have seized vast territories across the country’s north. A top Iraqi security official, however, said the government still held the facility…

And never mind that earlier reports claimed the terrorists had been beaten back.

The Iraqi witness, who drove past the sprawling Beiji refinery, said militants also manned checkpoints around it. He said he saw a huge fire in one of its tankers. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he feared reprisals.

So are the ‘environmentalists’ cheering these terrorists on? What are they doing that Al Gore and others haven’t encouraged activists to do?

The Iraqi security official said the government force protecting the refinery was still inside Thursday and that they were in regular contact with Baghdad. The refinery’s workers had been evacuated to nearby villages, he said.

We suppose it’s out of the question for a reporter to go to the area to check.

Helicopter gunships flew over the facility to stop further militant advances, the official said. The insurgents took over a building just outside the refinery and were using it to fire at the government force, he said.

The army officer in charge of protecting the refinery, Col. Ali al-Qureishi, told state-run Iraqiya television by telephone that the facility remained under his control. He said nearly 100 militants had been killed as his force repelled wave after wave of attacks since Tuesday. The country’s chief military spokesman, Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi, echoed al-Qureishi’s assertion in comments made at a news conference Thursday.

The Beiji refinery accounts for just over a quarter of the country’s entire refining capacity — all of which goes toward domestic consumption for things like gasoline, cooking oil and fuel for power stations. Any lengthy outage at Beiji risks long lines at the gas pump and electricity shortages, adding to the chaos already facing Iraq. It produces around 300,000 barrels per day.

Gasoline produced at the refinery largely goes to northern Iraq and its closure has generated a shortage in the region.

The assault on the refinery also has affected global gasoline prices, as the U.S. national average price reached $3.67 per gallon, the highest price for this time of year since 2008, the year gasoline hit its all-time high in America…

Our ‘journalists’ are truly laughable. On the one hand we are told drilling and refining more in the US will have no effect on the price of gasoline.

On the other, we’re told that an attack on a refinery half way around the world is causing the current high price of gasoline. Which has been sky high for months now.

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