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ISIS Wants To Wipe Out The Blonde And Blue-Eyed Yazidi

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

‘ISIS want to impregnate Yazidi women and smash our blond bloodline’: Fears grow for the 300 women kidnapped from Sinjar

By Simon Tomlinson and Tom Mctague | 14 August 2014

Fears are growing for the 300 Yazidi women reportedly kidnapped by Islamic State fighters last week amid claims they would be used to bear children to break up the ancient sect’s bloodline.

Which is yet another kind of genocide. And, in fact, this is a time honored practice among Muslims

The minority group is originally Aryan and has retained a fairer complexion, blonde hair and blue eyes by only marrying within the community. But in a furious bid to convert all non-Muslims, ISIS jihadists have vowed to impregnate the hostages…

So where’s the #hashtag campaign? Or don’t we do #hashtag campaigns for Aryans?

Addressing the kidnapping, Adnan Kochar, chairman of the Kurdish Cultural Centre in London, told MailOnline: ‘The Kurds and Yazidis are originally Aryans.

Come to think of it, it’s pretty amazing that the administration went to their aid. Obama and Holder must not have known.

But because the Yazidis are such a closed community they have retained a fairer complexion, blonder hair and bluer eyes. They don’t marry non-Yazidis.

The bigots.

‘ISIS have taken around 300 women from Sinjar to give to jihadists to marry and make pregnant to have a Muslim child. If they can’t kill all Yazidis, they will try to smash the blond bloodline.’ …

Who are we to judge?

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One Response to “ISIS Wants To Wipe Out The Blonde And Blue-Eyed Yazidi”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    If I may second the Pope on military action to prevent terrorist acts, below today’s NY Posts link is one my first S&L posts regarding our moral authority in the matter


    For Goodness’ Sake

    The consequences of our greatest sin; turning a blind eye toward the oppression of any people’s God given unalienable right of freedom & liberty is coming home….To Roost!

    Like water, power seeks its own level. Power has two poles, one is Good; the other Evil. Love is the greatest of these. There is no limit to the height mutual care, respect and understanding will take us. Conversely, Evil knows no level in the opposite direction. Its depth is as infinite in misery as great are the high points of Goodness.

    The fruits of freedom are wherever it is planted; where those who wish better for their own and their neighbor; not always with fame & fortune, but at least with opportunity are free to at least try. Goodness, therefore, is the more powerful force compared to the fear of evil. We only need to apply it not just for our own sake but for those who cower under the fear of oppression’s evil.

    Unfortunately, our inaction to stand up for those under the grip of threats of death and worse – from those like these demonic Islamic fascists, we too are now living under that same threat who in their twisted reality see us as the ultimate Satan. Our destruction is their goal; not just some Christians or Jews here or there. Even when they murdered our own innocents, we accepted their terrorism as “collateral damage”, so long as we didn’t rock the boat for the sake of life as usual. Some among us even claim we are to blame. How perverted! How delusional!

    Are we to hate this enemy? Like a snake that injects its poison with its bite, terrorists only do what comes naturally. Is it even a sin? Aren’t they somehow justified? Some may argue about this. Even still, the Greatest Evil is doing nothing to stop them. The decision, however, to stop Evil need not be out of hate, nor for vengeance but for Goodness Sake!

    We cannot change the past filled with holocausts and massacres brought on by our minding our own business while others suffered. Those days were thought past. They are now back & more sinister, more deadly than ever.

    If this appeasement of evil continues, it will be our values & thriving culture that slips into history, not theirs. And, the saddest part of all is that our history will be written by the likes of these Islamic fascists.

    This failure of freedom will not be the fault of our own Presidents & Prime Ministers. It will not be the fault of our military leaders, men & women. Rather, it will lie at the feet of us, the civilians, the rank & file who failed to insist on their sworn duty to protect us from all powers, foreign and domestic who wish us harm.

    If Goodness is truly greater than Evil then the final resolution of peace is inevitable. But how long will the torture, the terror and the loss of loved ones be allowed before the final outcome is realized? This is The Question for our time. The time is now. Who will go first? May God be with those who will go & God help those of us who won’t.

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