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Islam Q&A – Protection From Toilet Jinns

In this installment we are enlightened on the seemingly troublesome question as to how to deal with a restroom.

From the fount of all wisdom, Ask The Imam:

Question 9220 from India – Can we enter rest room with this small paper contaning the quranic verse tied across our neck, or arm?

in which u suggested to Write the following verse (in Arabic script) on a pice of paper and tie it around neck or arm, ‘Qul innal fadhla biyadillaahi, yu-uteehi man yashaa-u, wallaahu waasi-un aleem. Yuheedhu birahmitihi man yashaa-u, wallaahu dhul fadhlil adheem’.

1) can we enter rest room with this small paper contaning the quranic verse tied across our neck, or arm.

2) Once the purpose is acheived should we continue or stop to tie this paper.

3) I had commited a sin actually so pelase advise. I used to carry small book containg Ya-Seen along with me to work. I recite it on my way to work. Sometimes when i go to rest room i relaises that book containg Ya-sin is in my pocket and feel bad. Once it fell on the floor of the rest room. I got scared and cleaned it and did taubah.

Now i had started keeping it in bag which i carry to office. As i had done a sin so please adivise me how i should do istekfara for this, do i need to give some money in charity apart from doing taubah. Also please tell me the approximate amt i need to give as charity.

Aslo tell me can we recite some portion of QUran which is in our memory without doing Wuzzu. 2) Please tell me is it obligatory to recite Bissmilla hir rahman-nir rahim after reciting sura-e-fathiha while making prayers.

Answer 9220

1. There is no harm to enter the restroom if the paper containing the Qur’aanic Aayat is concealed within the clothes.

2. Allah Alone is Shafee (the curer). The prescription is just a means of solving our difficulties. Once the purpose is achieved, the paper should be removed. However, one should continuously make Du’aa to Allah to protect one from calamities.

3. Once you have made Istighfaar, that is sufficient to cleanse you from wrongdoing.

4. One may recite the Qur’aan from memory without Wudhu.

5. It is Sunnat to recite Bismillah after Surah Faatiha.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

You see, one is supposed to write a Quaranic verse on a piece of paper and tie it around your neck every time you use a (I assume public) restroom. That will protect you from "harm."

Even so, that might not be enough to protect one from "calamity," so one must "continuously make Du’aa to Allah."

Still, notice that there is no mention about how "employees must wash hands."

For more on overcoming the dangers of restrooms, read the highly instructive (though typically contradictory) Restrooms Of The Future:

Designing Public Restrooms For The Muslim Culture


The Qur’an states that one should enter the restroom with left foot first while saying a prayer of protection. It is not permissible to enter a restroom while carrying anything that bears the name of Allah, such as the Qur’an, or any book with the name of Allah in it, or jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces engraved with the name of Allah. Muslims should keep silent when in the restroom. Thus, talking, reading, greeting others and answering greetings are not to be done inside the restroom except for risky situations, like guiding a disabled person…


Muslims are encouraged to urinate while sitting or squatting and not while standing since this was the usual practice of the Prophet. Although standing is not forbidden as the Prophet is also reported to have done so…

Stepping Out

Muslims have a practice of leaving the toilet with right foot first as this is the usual practice of the Prophet. They utter a prayer of forgiveness as they leave the toilet.

Prayer uttered before entering the restroom with left foot: “ O Allah, I seek Your protection from the male and female devils.”

Prayer uttered after leaving the restroom with the right foot: “I seek your pardon. Praise be to Allah who removed from me discomfort.” …

And here Ask The Imam is kind enough to spell it out for us:

Essential Du’as / Supplications

When entering the toilet

Allahumma in-nee a’oothu bika minal khubu-thee wal khabaa ith.

When leaving the toilet, recite

Ghuf-raa naka

followed by

Alhamdulillah-hilla-thee ath-haba ann-nil athaa wa ‘afaani.

See what blessings the future holds for us?

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