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Islam Q&A – Are Musical Instruments Okay?

In the first of what just might become a regular feature of this site, we present another installment in the joys of Sharia law.

A fate which would seem to await us all.

Today's lesson comes from the Ifta Department of the Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians:

Is it permissible to play music/instruments and songs?


Those songs which do not include obscene or any non permissible matter and are sung under the limits of Shariah are allowed, otherwise not.

The use of the drum is allowed on the occasion of a wedding, wedding feast (walimah) and both days of Eid. This is concerning the drum which has no tinkle. The drum which has the tinkle is not permitted to be used.

Playing of all other instruments is not allowed. Islam prohibits music and therefore music is haram (unlawful).

Its direct effect is exciting and leading people away from the right path, (the path of Allah SWT). It spoils morality and causes addiction. It is mentioned in the Holy Quran under “Lahwal Hadith” (idle talk):

“And among the people is the one who buys idle talk in order to lead (people) astray from the path of Allah without knowledge, holding it in mockery; for such there will be a humiliating punishment. (31:6)”. (Commentators of the Holy Quran have also included music in 'idle talk.')


There you go.

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One Response to “Islam Q&A – Are Musical Instruments Okay?”

  1. Maher says:

    I am wondering, what if you dedicate your work in your instrument to all mighty Allah.
    I know that there are songs that are dedicated to Allah and I personally cannot sing but i would like to play the piano in His honor. Am i allowed to do so?

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