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Islam To Be ‘Source Of Legislation’ In Libya

From an unfazed Agence France-Presse:

Islam to be main source of legislation in post-Qaddafi Libya

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

TRIPOLI – Islam will be the main source of legislation in post-Muammar Qaddafi Libya, the head of Libya’s transitional leadership said in his first public address in Tripoli on Monday.

National Transitional Council leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil made the remarks before thousands of Libyans gathered on Martyr’s Square two days after his arrival in the capital following the fall of Qaddafi’s regime.

“We will not accept any extremist ideology, on the right or the left. We are a Muslim people, for a moderate Islam, and we will stay on this road,” he said.

This was Abdel Jalil’s first visit to Tripoli since the rebellion against Qaddafi erupted in February. The toppled leader, now on the run, used to make public appearances on the same spot, then known as Green Square, to rally his supporters.

On arrival in Tripoli on Saturday, Abdel Jalil was treated to a red-carpet welcome, mobbed by hundreds of people and protected by a thick human chain…

Abdel Jalil described the “liberation of Tripoli, the miracle that occurred with minimum loss” of life, telling the crowd: “You will be with us against any person who will want to steal our revolution.” …

Arab Spring Sharia is busting out all over. But this is ‘real democracy in action.’ Or so we have been told by our betters.

Meanwhile, there are a few added details in this more recent article from the same Agence France-Press:

Kadhafi forces fight back, Amnesty rebukes new regime

By Ines Bel Aiba | AFP
September 14, 2011

A defiant Moamer Kadhafi has vowed to fight until victory as his forces launched surprise fightbacks [sic] on three fronts.

China, which opposed the NATO campaign backing the anti-Kadhafi forces, finally recognised Libya’s interim government, but the new regime earned a rebuke from Amnesty on Monday which said its fighters had also committed war crimes

In a new report released Tuesday, Amnesty International accused Kadhafi’s regime of crimes against humanity but also said NTC fighters had committed war crimes.

While the London-based rights group’s consisted mainly of damning examples of violations by Kadhafi’s regime, it said the NTC appeared unwilling to hold its fighters accountable for human rights violations.

"Opposition fighters and supporters have abducted, arbitrarily detained, tortured and killed former members of the security forces, suspected Kadhafi loyalists, captured soldiers and foreign nationals wrongly suspected of being mercenaries fighting on behalf of Kadhafi forces," Amnesty said

But weren’t we told by Mr. Obama that we only went into Libya for humanitarian purposes? To protect innocent lives? Luckily, the war there has only been a matter of weeks, if not days.

By the way, note that even at this late date the AFP still can’t decide on the best way to spell Col. Gadhafi’s name.

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One Response to “Islam To Be ‘Source Of Legislation’ In Libya”

  1. beautyofreason says:

    There’s nothing quite as free as mob rule by the Islamic majority. Now they can just use the popular vote, instead of public stoning to express their views.

    Anyone who didn’t see this coming?

    Did we just waste American dollars to see the ascension of another Islamic regime?


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