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Israel: Hezbollah Plans To Move Captives To Iran

From the DNC’s Associated Press:

Smoke billows from the Rafiq Hariri International Airport in Beirut following Israeli air strikes.

Israel: Hezbollah Aims To Move Captured Soldiers To Iran

JERUSALEM (AP)–Israel has information that Lebanese guerrillas who captured two Israeli soldiers are trying to transfer them to Iran, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said.

Regev didn’t disclose the source of his information.

Hezbollah guerrillas, who are backed by Iran, seized the soldiers Wednesday in a cross-border raid. Israel has since attacked Lebanon by air and sea, and has sent in troops to look for the captured soldiers.

Israel’s army chief Brig. Gen. Dan Halutz warned that "nothing is safe" in Lebanon and said Beirut itself – particularly Hezbollah offices and residences – would be a target.

Hezbollah responded by firing new, more advanced rockets into northern Israeli towns, killing one Israeli and wounding 12 others.

The guerrilla force warned that it would rocket the key Israeli port city of Haifa if Israel hit Beirut, a strike that would be the deepest ever into Israel by the guerrillas – some 30 kilometers.

Israel’s signal that Hezbollah wanted to take the two soldiers to its ally, Iran, raised the daunting prospect of a further internationalization of the crisis.

It’s hard to believe that Hezbollah and Iran would do anything this stupid.

If it is true, perhaps it is a setup, so that Iran can return the soldiers and look like heroes.

But probably it is just more of the usual insanity from the usual suspects.

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One Response to “Israel: Hezbollah Plans To Move Captives To Iran”

  1. BatK says:

    No news coverage at all… if Palestinian actors can’t wail in front of the cameras, apparently it’s not “newsworthy.” Totally disgusting. Israel takes out KNOWN terrorist leaders and is bludgeoned by the Anti-Semitic Puppets, er, AP… If Iran thinks that they can prevent an assault on their nuke silos by holding Israeli soldiers hostage, they have another thing coming… bastards…

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