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Israel To Go Ahead With Lebanon Offensive

From the defenders of Hezbollah at Reuters:

A convoy of Israeli army military vehicles and troops walk along a dirt road as they return from southern Israel into northern Israel Friday, Aug. 11, 2006.

Israel orders wider offensive despite signs of deal

11 Aug 2006 16:58:33 GMT

UNITED NATIONS, Aug 11 (Reuters) – World powers said on Friday a deal on a U.N. resolution to end Israel's war with Hizbollah guerrillas was in sight, but Israel ordered its month-old offensive to be expanded in case diplomacy fails.

"We said two days ago that we would stop the fire, either militarily or diplomatically," an Israeli political source said. "We see that the ceasefire deal … is not making the required progress, and therefore we have authorised the military action."

Israeli tanks forces were preparing for orders to sweep into Lebanon after the wider offensive was approved, Israeli TV said. But Israel said the move did not exclude a diplomatic solution.

"The Americans are aware of what we can accept and cannot accept," said Israeli U.N. ambassador Dan Gillerman. "And I very much hope that in the end of the day there will not be submitted a draft that is unacceptable to us."

Israel's view of progress with diplomacy was at odds with statements from other powers, including its ally Washington.

"We are now very, very close to agreement and our aspiration to have a vote at the end of the afternoon remains," Washington's U.N. envoy John Bolton told reporters…

For Israel's sake, I hope they mean it.

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