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Israeli ‘Settlers’ Do/Don’t Start Building

Which paper do you read? First from an annoyed Agence France-Presse:

Israeli settlers start building as freeze ends

by Hazel Ward Hazel Ward
September 27, 2010

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday urged Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas not to abandon peace talks as Jewish settlers started building again after the expiry of a 10-month freeze.

Just minutes after the end of the moratorium on new building in the West Bank, which formally expired at midnight, the Israeli premier issued an appeal to Abbas to stick with the peace talks, which were launched earlier this month…

Shortly after sunrise, bulldozers and other heavy machinery lumbered into action at a handful of small settlements across the West Bank, albeit on a modest scale, Israeli media outlets reported.

Earthmovers were spotted hard at work in the settlement of Adam, north of Jerusalem, where around 30 homes are due to be built, public radio said.

Construction was also due to start in at least eight other small settlements, including in the flashpoint enclave of Kiryat Arba, where 600 extreme rightwing settlers live in the heart of the southern city of Hebron, Israel’s private Channel 2 television said.

The expiry of the moratorium means that anyone who obtained a permit to build prior to the moratorium can now go ahead and start working

But then we have this from a still hopeful Associated Press:

Israeli bulldozers quiet after building ban expiry

By Amy Teibel, Associated Press Writer
September 27, 2010

JERUSALEM – Settler celebrations over the expiry of a construction ban didn’t translate into a burst of building activity in Jewish West Bank settlements on Monday, as Israel, the Palestinians and the U.S. held out for a compromise that would keep the recently resumed peace talks alive…

One settler leader, Dani Dayan, said land-moving equipment would begin laying the groundwork for new Jewish homes in West Bank settlements Monday.

But well into the morning, there were no immediate signs construction would begin full force on Monday. Oded Revivi, mayor of the Efrat settlement, said banks and developers were reluctant to commit to new building projects because they’re afraid construction will be stopped again.

Dayan, citing money problems and developers’ previous commitments, predicted that only a few hundred homes would be built in the next few months. "Nothing spectacular is happening" on Monday, he said.

An Israeli military ban on Palestinians prohibiting them from entering Jewish areas of the West Bank could also be an impediment to speedy construction. The ban, imposed as a security precaution throughout the weeklong Jewish Sukkot holiday, prevents Palestinian laborers who actually build the settlements from showing up for work

Oh, the irony.

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4 Responses to “Israeli ‘Settlers’ Do/Don’t Start Building”

  1. finebammer59 says:

    let’s see, israel was attacked.

    israel fought back and in kicking it’s attackers azz, actually acquired land. (the west bank)

    now israel is being told they were wrong and should give the land to a group of people who had nothing to do with anything concerning the attack.

    a group of people who have been run out of three arab countries because they’re basically the cockroaches of humanity.

    sounds right!

    (sarc off)

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    150 years ago, we would have rounded up them all up, put them on reservations. Hell! We’d be so guilty about it by now, we’d give them all tax free Casino rites & they’d all be making a fortune!

    Can’t you see it? “Welcome to the West Bank’s Premier Ali Babba’s Arabian Nights Casino & Hotel. Can I take your bags please?”

    • beautyofreason says:

      Hamas would never go for casinos. I don’t think they care about making money. Any video showing the Palestinians in dire straights feeds their propaganda campaign to eradicate Israel.

      Hamas uses what funds they have to school 3-year-olds and men in the art of holding guns, to build cheap weapons and smuggle munitions from neighboring Islamic countries.

      Since the Palestinians receive huge amounts of aid from abroad (‘specially from those infidels) I suspect that Hamas doesn’t get a lot of negative attention from their complete lack of ability to create a stable society or infrastructure.

  3. beautyofreason says:

    The irony? The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank has agreed to punish any person who sells land to a Jewish person with the death penalty.

    I for one don’t think this stalemate should have gone on for as long as it did. In a war you have a victor and a loser; the loser inevitably integrates and tensions decline (ex. Japan after WWII). Treating proponents of Hamas as if they are special people deserving of a new country is simply emboldening the Islamic jerks and the modern equivalent of the Nazis to push on but yield nothing. We will still be dealing with suicide bombings from these people in 50 years.

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